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  • Surrogate Mother? show

    Surrogate Mother?

    The natural world is a brutal environment - see the extraordinary story when a lioness saves a wildebeest from a hoarde of...

  • George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview show

    George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview

    For the first time, former President George W. Bush reveals insights and his personal 9/11 experience.

  • Interviews show


    Filmmakers retrace the steps of Hitler’s generals.

  • Under Water show

    Under Water

    From kayaking accidents to mighty powerful waves they survived underwater.

  • Danger in the Sky show

    Danger in the Sky

    Helicopters fail and skydiving adventures go terribly wrong.

  • Spider Terror show

    Spider Terror

    Go on an adventure in search of a giant eight-legged monster that's been terrorising local villages in the Amazon rainforest.

  • Flesh Hungry Lizard show

    Flesh Hungry Lizard

    These real-life dragons are believed to be responsible for savage attacks on livestock and children!

  • Pint Sized Evangelists show

    Pint Sized Evangelists

    Investigate the new phenomenon of early-years evangelists.

  • Fact or Fiction? show

    Fact or Fiction?

    Meet the people determined to solve mankind's biggest mysteries.

  • Tribal Rites show

    Tribal Rites

    Tribal medicines use everything from cow urine to goat blood.

  • Shamans and Witch Doctors show

    Shamans and Witch Doctors

    Some tribal doctors prescribe hallucinogens and odd potions.

  • gallery1 show


  • Amish Wedding show

    Amish Wedding

    Friends and families work hard for the highly anticipated weddings.

  • Berlin Wall show

    Berlin Wall

    The 43.1 kilometer long Iron Curtain stood for 28 years.

  • Standing Guard show

    Standing Guard

    For meerkats, it’s a dangerous world out there and someone always needs to stand guard.

  • Lost Fleet show

    Lost Fleet

    A search for the wreck of Christopher Columbus's lost fleet in the waters of La Isabela Bay in the Dominican Republic

  • Elusive Jaguar show

    Elusive Jaguar

    The search is on to follow the trail of the jaguar.

  • Mysterious Cat show

    Mysterious Cat

    Get an close look at the jaguar, one of the most mysterious and magnificent of all the big cats.

  • Behind the Armor show

    Behind the Armor

    See the faces behind the heavy armor.

  • Treasure Hunt show

    Treasure Hunt

    Will these scientists make one of the greatest discoveries the art world has ever known?