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    • Cat and Mouse show

      Cat and Mouse

      While filming Brazil's Pantanal, a photographer captures footage of cat and mouse on a grand scale.

    • Filming Otters show

      Filming Otters

      In Brazil's Pantanal, we get the rare opportunity to film a family of rare and elusive giant otters.

    • Concentration of Caimans show

      Concentration of Caimans

      With thousands of caimans surviving in the same pool in the Pantanal there is bound to be conflict.

    • Jaguar Mating show

      Jaguar Mating

      These jaguars are not interested in lunch but more so in love making.

    • Life in a Nest show

      Life in a Nest

      Jabiru Stork fledglings are completely dependent on their parents for food, water, and safety.

    • Anaconda on the Hunt show

      Anaconda on the Hunt

      Follow this giant anaconda as it hunts the rivers of the Pantanal for its next victim.