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  • Orangutan Rescue With Michelle Yeoh show

    Orangutan Rescue With Michelle Yeoh

    They are among our closest living relatives but for orangutans their time on Earth is running out.  Orangutan Rescue premieres...

  • Columbus's Cursed Colony show

    Columbus's Cursed Colony

    It's the spot in the Caribbean where the Old World first met the New.In Columbus' Cursed Colony join two scientific...

  • Mandela: His Life and Legacy  show

    Mandela: His Life and Legacy

    The definitive account of the prisoner who came president, Mark Austin travels to the key places in Nelson Mandela's...

  • Wild Caribbean’s Deadly Underworld show

    Wild Caribbean’s Deadly Underworld

    A devastating natural disaster may be brewing beneath the calm blue Caribbean.  A vast web of geologic faults could give way...

  • Access 360: St. Petersburg show

    Access 360: St. Petersburg

    The palaces, cathedrals and museums of St. Petersburg represent some of the finest art and architecture on earth. This UNESCO...

  • The 2000s Greatest Tragedies show

    The 2000s Greatest Tragedies

    The 2000s Greatest Tragedies shines a light on the decade which brought us destruction on an unimaginable scale. From the...

  • Tarini: Six Women Sail The Globe show

    Tarini: Six Women Sail The Globe

    Tarini is the story of 6 young women in one small sailboat out to conquer three oceans on their bid to circumnavigate the...

  • The Sea Hunters show

    The Sea Hunters

    From the South China Sea to the bottom of the Atlantic we unlock the secrets of some very special shipwrecks.This season the...

  • Egypt: Secret Chambers Revealed show

    Egypt: Secret Chambers Revealed

    We unlock Egypt's secret chambers to reveal centuries-old mysteries and magic.

  • Shipwreck Graveyard show

    Shipwreck Graveyard

    We reveal the true story of Titanic’s discovery, a spy story of stealth, subs and superpowers.In the second of our specials,...

  • New Orleans: City of Stories show

    New Orleans: City of Stories

    Delving into the history and culture of the Big Easy.

  • Bob Ballard Special show

    Bob Ballard Special

    The nuclear trail to Titanic and the intact treasures of the Black Sea.It was the greatest nautical mystery of the 20th...

  • Captain Kidd: The King's Pirate show

    Captain Kidd: The King's Pirate

    Keith Allen features in this swashbuckling documentary about the notorious Captain William Kidd.Notorious privateer Captain...

  • Outlaw Bikers show

    Outlaw Bikers

    Hit the road with the hell-raising bikers who are born to be wild!Are they simply a brotherhood of bikers, from whom the...

  • Churchill's German Army show

    Churchill's German Army

    The Allied victory of WW2 was helped along by a small group of unlikely soldiers – the Germans and Austrians.The bravery of...

  • Hyena: Bonecrusher Queens show

    Hyena: Bonecrusher Queens

    A captivating look at the female-dominated hierarchy of the spotted hyena society at Zambia's Liuwa Plain.On Zambia’s Liuwa...

  • Dolphin Army show

    Dolphin Army

    Growing in momentum, they congregate to find food. With 3000 members, meet the Dolphin Army.Fast and efficient, an ocean...

  • Headshrinkers of the Amazon show

    Headshrinkers of the Amazon

    From the earliest days of Amazonian exploration, stories filtered back about the terrifying ritual practised by the region's...

  • 2012: The Final Prophecy show

    2012: The Final Prophecy

    What if the Maya were right about the end of humanity as we know it? Would fire pour from the sky, buildings shatter, floods...

  • Mengele Twin Mystery show

    Mengele Twin Mystery

    In a remote part of Brazil, lies a tiny town full of twins. Among the community of around 80 families, there are reportedly 44...