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  • Air Crash Investigation Special Report show

    Air Crash Investigation Special Report

    Remarkable stories from the series have led to new regulations within the aviation industry making flying safer.Every day,...

  • Fishzilla show


    It's got teeth like a shark, a taste for blood, and it even walks on land.

  • Fight Masters show

    Fight Masters

    With the aid of science, find out precisely how much damage the world’s best fighters can cause. You might think you have...

  • The Sinking Of The Belgrano show

    The Sinking Of The Belgrano

    This film offers moving accounts of four sailors from the Belgrano and the Conqueror who go back to the battle scene.At 4pm on...

  • Earth Shocks show

    Earth Shocks

    In prehistoric times, the Earth was shaped by floods, mega-tsunamis and meteor strikes. Scientists find out why. No one...

  • Secrets Of show

    Secrets Of

    The most mundane items in your home hide fascinating secrets as this compelling series featuring Adam Hart- Davis explains.The...

  • Gospel Of Judas show

    Gospel Of Judas

    The theological implications of this important biblical document are explored by scholars and scientists.

  • Bob Ballard Special show

    Bob Ballard Special

    The nuclear trail to Titanic and the intact treasures of the Black Sea.It was the greatest nautical mystery of the 20th...

  • Underworld show


    Come face to face with some of the most dangerous, deadly and intimidating gangland overlords.They don’t call them the mean...

  • History's Hardest Prison show

    History's Hardest Prison

    If you think debtors today have a hard time, go back 300 years with Piers Hernu to London's Fleet Prison.Greed and fraud leads...

  • Monster Fish Of The Congo show

    Monster Fish Of The Congo

    Join a team of scientists and adventurers as they travel into this war-torn region to unlock the secrets of the monster...

  • Japan's Secret Sub show

    Japan's Secret Sub

    Find out why one of the most powerful tools of the Second World War was never used.One of the best-kept secrets of the Second...

  • Chimp Diaries show

    Chimp Diaries

    Follow the touching story of a family of chimpanzees who have been rescued from a Spanish circus.There’s baby Juanito,...

  • Sharkville show


    Discover the mysterious world of The Great White shark.The Great White shark is a formidable predator but much of its life is...

  • Orangutan Rescue With Michelle Yeoh show

    Orangutan Rescue With Michelle Yeoh

    They are among our closest living relatives but for orangutans their time on Earth is running out.  Orangutan Rescue premieres...

  • China's Lost Pyramids show

    China's Lost Pyramids

    They tower over some of the most tranquil countryside in rural China.  They're giant, man-made mountains that hold the keys to...

  • Life of Oceans show

    Life of Oceans

    It covers 70% of the Earth's surface and holds the very key to a life within its silent shadowy depths.  Prepare to dive the...

  • Pirate Patrol show

    Pirate Patrol

    Climb on board the Australian warship HMAS Toowoomba as it patrols the troubled waters of the Persian Gulf. In an area of...

  • Hillary Clinton's State Department show

    Hillary Clinton's State Department

    As President Obama's Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is one of the most high-profile women on the planet.  In this...

  • Kids Who Preach show

    Kids Who Preach

    Meet three of the world's youngest men of the cloth in the UK premiere of Kids Who Preach on Wednesday 14 September at 9pm.To...