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The Story of God is Morgan Freeman's epic exploration and intimate reflection on God. Each episode will center on one big question about the divine: from the mystery of creation, the true power of miracles, to the promise of resurrection. These timeless and universal mysteries impact everyone from every faith. Morgan will immerse himself into religious experiences and rituals all around the world, from Jerusalem's Wailing Wall to India's Bodhi Tree and to modern megachurches in the US.  He'll become a test subject in scientific labs to examine how the frontiers of neuroscience and cosmology are intersecting the traditional domain of religion. And he'll travel with archeologists to uncover the long-lost religions of our ancestors, such as the 10,000-year-old ruins at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. Man's relationship to God is the most important question in the history of humanity. This ambitious expedition through the ages and around the globe seeks to understand how faith has shaped our lives, no matter what our religion or belief.

Season 1
Who is God? Where did we come from? Why does evil happen? What happens when we die? Every human being on earth has asked themselves these questions at some point, and most likely each person has found a different answer. This spring, National Geographic Channel and Revelation Entertainment’s epic series The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, produced by Freeman, Lori McCreary and James Younger, will take viewers on a trip around the world to explore different cultures and religions on the ultimate quest to uncover the meaning of life, God and all these big questions in between.