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In the Old Testament book of Exodus, God calls the prophet Moses to lead the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. When the Pharaoh refuses to let them go, Moses sends ten terrifying plagues into Pharaoh's land. The first six (red river water, droves of frogs, insects and disease) nearly destroy Pharaoh's city, but still he refuses to free the Hebrew slaves. Plagues seven, eight, and nine bring hail, locusts, and darkness. Then, the final mysterious 10th plague kills the firstborns of Egypt.

A double bill of The Ten Plagues of the Bible premieres on Sunday 4th April from 7pm and will separate fact from faith to reveal the truth behind the Biblical plagues.

In The First Curses, follow archaeologists on the Nile Delta as they excavate the site of the lost city of Pi-Ramesse, the place named as the setting for Moses' plagues. Research reveals new evidence that the plagues of Egypt may have actually happened just as the Bible describes.
The Final Torments investigates the hailstorms, the locusts' swarms and darkness that descended on Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. After surviving the tenth and final plague, Moses leads the Hebrew people out of Egypt on foot. Today, archaeologists have found the mysterious remains of a sudden mass departure of a Semitic people who dominated Egypt for a century until they were forcibly expelled by the Pharaohs. Could these be the people of the Bible?



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    Act of God?

    This mini-series aims to separate fact from faith to reveal the truth behind the Biblical plagues.

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