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Being rich can make for a comfortable life. Big houses, nice cars and good food. But such luxuries are superficial, and some of the business world's most successful people have decided it is time for them to give back. In this heart-warming new series, wealthy benefactors leave behind their luxurious lifestyles, swapping mansions for huts and en-suites for squat toilets as they go undercover in communities around the world who need a hand. Immersing themselves physically and emotionally in their new environments, each Undercover Angel struggles to come up with a way they can help the local community, all the while hiding their true identity from the people they meet. Instead of simply handing over cash, they must use their energy and expertise to create sustainable change that will improve the community’s day-to-day life for the long term.



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    Coming Clean

    After an emotional confession Lawrence discovers that there is more to do if he is going to...

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