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  • Fortress in the Forest show

    Fortress in the Forest

    A Nazi stronghold is explored by a WWII expert.

  • The Dangers of the Wingsuit show

    The Dangers of the Wingsuit

    A life-altering experience can come with a life-ending price.

  • Jeb Corliss show

    Jeb Corliss

    Meet one of the most innovative wingsuit pilots on the planet, Jeb Corliss.

  • Discovering Comet ISON show

    Discovering Comet ISON

    When scientists first found comet ISON, they immediately knew they had discovered something extraordinary.

  • Too Much Too Soon show

    Too Much Too Soon

    Little Cody goes snake hunting a day after getting bitten by a cottonmouth.

  • Gettin' Bit show

    Gettin' Bit

    In the swamps of Louisiana, Little Cody is bitten by a cottonmouth.

  • A Newbie Snake Hunter show

    A Newbie Snake Hunter

    Big Cody takes newbie Alex under his wing.

  • Father and Daughter show

    Father and Daughter

    Pastor Jamie takes his daughter Trina on a snake hunt.

  • A Bite on the Hand show

    A Bite on the Hand

    A church member is bit by a copperhead as he tries to capture a snake.

  • Slain in the Spirit show

    Slain in the Spirit

    Pastor Andrew describes battling with the Devil at a snake handling revival.

  • A Curious Spectator show

    A Curious Spectator

    A young recruit comes to see Pastor Andrew Hamblin’s church service.

  • Snake not Smoke show

    Snake not Smoke

    Hunting snakes helps Big Cody distract himself from thinking of his past.

  • Family Tradition show

    Family Tradition

    A young faithful describes his family’s history of snake handling.

  • The Snake Room show

    The Snake Room

    Pastor Andrew picks out snakes for the night’s church service.

  • Cow Intestine Zeppelin show

    Cow Intestine Zeppelin

    In the early 20th century, the zeppelin was crafted from some surprising materials.

  • Daytona Bike Week show

    Daytona Bike Week

    Zach bets Lynch that he can’t sell a bike while in Daytona and whoever loses has to wear a dress.

  • Toys For Big Boys show

    Toys For Big Boys

    While searching for a sportster bike, the guys stumble upon a playground of big boy toys!

  • Baby vs Bike! show

    Baby vs Bike!

    A bike owner’s wife has tricked him into selling his 1970 Triumph for their new baby!

  • A "Girly" Makeover show

    A "Girly" Makeover

    Cameron and Lynch hit the street to find out what girls like on their motorcycles.

  • Running On Nitrous show

    Running On Nitrous

    Cameron is at the dentist for a bad tooth and he gets the full gamut of meds to ease his pain!