The most tense and dramatic series on television is back, with six true stories of drug kingpins, kidnap victims and prisoners of war, as told in their own words. The new season for 2018 includes the extraordinary highs and lows of Pieter Tritton, Britain's answer to Walter White, a cocaine kingpin who smuggles the drugs impregnated into the groundsheets of tents; and the jaw dropping adventure of a teenager from South Africa who gets double crossed by her boss while securing a big drug deal for him in Bolivia. We witness the terrifying account of journalist Phil Cox who is tracked and eventually captured by heavily armed marauding militias in the desert war of Sudan; and the American rookie photographer, kidnapped and tortured by Al Qaeda in Syria, who is forced to face his toughest test yet when the opportunity to escape arises, either save himself or stay with his fellow American prisoner.


  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Sierra Leone
    With the UN, Phil Ashby is disarming child soldiers controlled by a rebel warlord but they go on a violent, vengeful rampage against the UN team.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Busted And Pregnant
    Zara Whittaker, from a poverty-ridden housing project in South London, left behind her 8 month old baby, to go to Barbados and smuggle cocaine back. She never thought anything could go wrong - her partner in crime had done it 12 times before. Three days before the run, she found out she was pregnant, but she'd already spent too much of the drug dealers' money to pull out. Stopped by the police at the airport, Zara was given a five year prison sentence - she gave birth in Barbados, and, after three heartbreaking months, had to give the baby up.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Sao Paulo Death Trap
    In 1993 Brendan Cosso was partying and mixing with celebrities in Hollywood. He didn't need the money. But when the offer came to smuggle cocaine out of Brazil for $50,000, he took it. He was arrested with three friends at Sao Paulo airport. Thanks to the efforts of his father in securing a top criminal lawyer, Brendan received a sentence of four years rather than the 25 demanded by the prosecution. But he was sent to Carandiru prison, the most violent prison in South America, where a year previously 111 prisoners had been massacred.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Venezuela Blues
    April 2006: Atlanta musician David Evans loves his girfriend Julie Goldstein but they're always broke. In a rash attempt to prove he could make some cash, he agrees to act as a drug mule. He deceives Julie by telling her he is going to Europe when actually he flies to Caracas Venezuela. There he picks up 7 pounds (3.2 kilos) of cocaine carried in cans of hairspray. Despite believing that 'everyone is paid off' at Caracas airport, he is caught and arrested. Julie meanwhile has gone to meet him in Amsterdam. She has no idea why he is not there to meet her - until he calls. Over the ensuing months he sinks deeper into the hell of the Venezuelan penal system and Julie has to take care of herself. Their lives drift apart. October 2008: After 27 months David is finally free and they arrange to meet. Is there a chance they will get back together? We end the film with David and Julie's actual reunion in Atlanta - and David pays the price for his deception.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Conned In Quito
    In 2003, Zoe McGarry's life changed forever after a chance encounter with a man called Tony. She met him in Nigeria while visiting the country with her Nigerian husband Olu, and they soon all became close friends. Tony had family in London and Zoe and Olu invited him to stay in their house. But within months his personality started to change, he was no longer the happy, warm person they once knew. And then, one day, he just disappeared. A few months later, he called Zoe from Ecuador begging her for help to re-new his visa so he could return to the UK and make a fresh start. Eventually, Tony persuaded Zoe to visit him to help with his paperwork. But once there, Tony's behaviour proved untrustworthy. He avoided visiting the embassy every time she brought the subject up. They visited a local tourist market where Zoe bought several souvenirs. Tony gave her a rucksack to carry them home in. Eventually after 4 days, Zoe decided to return to London, but never made it. As she boarded the flight home, police arrested her and discovered 2.6 kilogram's of cocaine in the lining of the rucksack that Tony had given her. She was locked up and despite protesting her innocence was given a 16 year jail term in a Quito jail. After serving 4 she was released on parole and finally returned home to her native Ireland. Tony was never caught or brought to trial.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Teen Smuggler
    El Paso, 1989: Alex Silva is a bored and disaffected teenager, whose life is going nowhere fast. Worried he'll end up on the streets, Alex's uncle gets him a job in a tire shop. But instead of keeping his head down, Alex is distracted by some wealthy Mexican customers. Chasing the scent of money, he discovers that they are drug smugglers, who bring marijuana into the US from Mexico. Alex begs to be let in on the action and finds himself driving marijuana-laden cars across the border from Juarez into El Paso. Thinking this is easy money, he asks for a bigger job. For the next task, Alex, who has never been south of Juarez, will have to drive deep into unfamiliar territory and get the drugs past further checkpoints in the US. Dumb luck is on his side, and he gets away with it. By the second run he's cocky - an attitude which is paid off by his arrest in Mexico. What follows is a coming-of-age story, as torture, imprisonment, falling in love, and a jail break conspire to finally make Alex a man.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: The Prison Hell
    When an Australian man ends up in a Bangkok prison on drug smuggling charges, he must survive Thailand's most dangerous prisons to become Australia's longest serving prisoner overseas.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Plane Crash Marijuana
    After agreeing to co-pilot a drug run to Southern Mexico, a 19-year-old American assumes he’ll soon be living the good life – until the plane crashes with the Mexican police hot on his heels.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Thai Prison Hell
    When an Australian man ends up in a Bangkok prison on drug smuggling charges, he must survive Thailand's most dangerous prisons to become Australia's longest serving prisoner overseas.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Jungle Terror
    When an American mother and son are kidnapped by terrorists in the Phillippines, it will take a miracle to get them both home alive.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Bogota Belly Bust
    When a drug addict is offered a vacation in Colombia as a chance to straighten out, she enters a world far darker and more terrifying than the one she left behind.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Qaddafi's American Prisoner
    When an American travels to Libya to help the rebels fight Gaddafi and his forces, he is captured and sent to the notorious Maktab Al Nasser Prison, where he's held in solitary confinement for nearly six months.
  • Banged Up Abroad Compilations: Somali Pirate Hostage Hell
    While yachting back to their home country, two South Africans are captured and held for ransom by Somali pirates. When no one pays the $20 million ransom, they must decide which of them will die.