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  • Earth Day: Plastiki
    This two-part documentary follows the journey of the Plastiki, a boat built from over 12,000 recycled plastic drinking bottles. It's the eco-dream of adventurer David De Rothschild - his intention is to spread a message of environmental responsibility across the globe. In this first hour, David wrestles with the challenge of finding environmentally sound recyclable plastic to create the framework to hold the thousands of bottles which will provide its buoyancy. He eventually succeeds - creating an entirely recyclable, aesthetically beautiful 6 person catamaran. After he's recruited a crew with the same sensibilities as himself, the Plastiki is launched and following a few teething troubles the crew soon settles into its grueling daily routine of 3 hours on, 3 hours off. The documentary follows the daily lives and hazards facing the crew - skippers Jo Royle and David Thompson, film makers Max Jourdan and Vern Moen and eccentric adventurer Olav Heyerdahl, grandson of the original Kontiki Explorer, Thor Heyerdahl.
  • Earth Day: Jackie Chan's Green Heroes
  • Earth Day: For The Love of Fashion
    Alexandra Cousteau, National Geographic Emerging Explorer, filmmaker and globally recognized advocate on water issues, travels the world to present a picture of the cotton industry, with a focus on its history and the modern-day challenges and innovations. She will discover the threats and the solutions facing our fashion industry.
  • Earth Day: Jane GoodAll: Saving Paradise