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Will take you on a journey to Antarctica to experience the world’s most extreme wilderness, to see the massive undertaking it is to support human life there, and to chronicle the world-changing science being done. Embed with missions on the ice, underneath it, and atop some of its peaks, as scientists and survival experts join forces to fight brutal conditions to help change the world.


  • Continent 7: Antartica: Antartic Aftermath
    The Condition 1 storm may have passed but malfunctioning equipment, significant winds and engine failures leaving the Coast Guard dead in the water present new challenges for the research teams in Antarctica.
  • Continent 7: Antartica: Take Your Best Shot
    While scientists are trying to determine how climate change and humans have affected the marine ecosystem, they are put at risk themselves when the machinery they rely on in this isolated part of the world fails them.
  • Continent 7: Antartica: Not Fit for Human Life
    A Condition 1 storm has wind speed over 60 miles per hour and the temp is less than negative 100 degrees. When this storm hits, research teams in Antarctica they have no option but to isolate themselves from the outside world even further.
  • Continent 7: Antartica: Storming Antartica
    This is the coldest and windiest place on Earth and after years of planning, six research teams have come to Scott Base, New Zealand’s Antarctic Research Station, to study everything from the volcanos to migrating whales.
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