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Which of the most feared predators on the planet packs the most powerful bite? Expert Brady Barr finds out.

 As National Geographic’s resident herpetologist, Dr Barr is the first person to ever capture and study all 23 species of crocodilians in the wild. With one-third of all crocodile species endangered, Dr Barr’s extraordinary achievement brings much needed attention to their plight.

 Dr Barr made worldwide headlines last year when he wore a custom-designed crocodile suit to get up close and personal with these cold-blooded denizens of the Nile. This year, he’s gone one step further, creating a life-like hippo suit to get close enough to these deadly African giants to scrape the sweat off their backs.

 With the new season of his series Dangerous Encounters, join us for an unforgettable National Geographic experience as Brady Barr recounts his most recent adventures in the field, including a near death experience in remote Indonesia.



  • Dangerous Encounters: Countdown Croc
    Brady goes hands-on experience with every species of croc seriously, all the more reason with these species on the edge of extinction.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Close Encounters
    Get ready for the most amazing moments; from death defying rescues on land, air and sea, to predators unexpectedly becoming prey.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Size Matters
  • Dangerous Encounters: Blind Croc Mystery
    Something is blinding American Crocodiles living in Costa Rica's Tarcoles River and National Geographic herpetologist Brady Barr is on the case. Turns out-- the Tarcoles River is one of the most polluted waterways in South America. Could deadly pollutants be the smoking gun or is something even more sinister at work? To solve the mystery, Barr teams up with scientific heavy weights Thomas Rainwater, a toxicologist at Texas Tech, to determine if any nasty toxins might be responsible and Nick Millichamp, a veterinary ophthalmologist specializing in eye diseases in exotic species, to determine if the problem is biological. Together, they head into the murky river to catch crocs and gather clues with the hope of solving the mystery.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Python Attack
    Dr Brady Barr was bitten by a 3.5m python and was in seriously infected! But it did not stop him working, he returned to the cave 6 weeks later.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Bite Force
    Brady is after the animal with the most powerful bite force and will stop at nothing to get up close and personal with these top predators.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Dragon Hunt
    Brady straps a camera onto the back of the Komodo dragon to unveil the mysteries of their behaviour. Can he succeed?
  • Dangerous Encounters: Dens Of Danger
    Animals and dens have always fascinated Brady.Join Brady as he takes a peak into the lair of some of the world's most intriguing animal behaviour.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Life Captured
    Watch Brady Barr's unique methods of getting up close to some of the most unapproachable animals to learn how they survive and thrive in the wild.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Super Snake
    He's at it again. Brady wrestled anacondas, sought out deadly cobras and now he is after the biggest snakes the world has to offer, the supersnakes.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Deadliest Snakes
    What makes the most lethal snake on the entire planet? Brady Barr travels across 4 continents to crown the world's most fearsome snake.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Countdown Crocs
  • Dangerous Encounters: Monster Crocs
    Join Dr Brady Barr as he locates a massive, 5.5-metre crocodile - the biggest crocodile he has ever captured. His first stop - Costa Rica.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Closest Encounters
    Brady has captured thousands of crocodiles. But can he get up close to the big wild crocodiles in Tanzania without having to retrain them?
  • Dangerous Encounters: Hippo Stakeout
    Brady made himself a 'hippo suit' to get up close to the wild hippo to collect a sample of their sweat for scientific analysis.