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How did a birdcage lead to the building of Taipei 101? Richard Hammond makes the connections.

TV's Richard Hammond travels the world to reveal the simple, yet effective secrets that make them tick and how they owe their existence to things as diverse as a birdcage and a bicycle pump. 


From the bottom of the ocean to infinity and beyond, the sky's not the limit for this intrepid host as he gets under the skin of: the Airbus A380 in France, Taipei 101 in Taiwan, the Keck Observatory in Hawaii and the incredible Troll-A gas platform off the coast of Norway.



  • Engineering connection: Earthquake Bridge
    Richard Hammond reveals how engineers made one of the longest bridges in the world – built on an active fault line across the Gulf of Corinth in Greece – earthquake-proof.
  • Engineering connection: Super Tanker
    Richard Hammond reveals the ingenious engineering required to transport the hazardous cargoes in the world in some of the biggest vessels afloat.
  • Engineering connection: Burj Al Arab
    Join us in revealing the spectacular design of the world's tallest and most distinctively shaped hotels - sail-shaped Burj al Arab in Dubai.
  • Engineering connection: Space Shuttle
    These include a massive fuel tanker, an earthquake-proof bridge, a space shuttle and the Burj Al Arab, among other structures.
  • Engineering connection: Bullet Train
    Reveal the surprising engineering connections between Japan's 'bullet train' - the world's first high speed railway and other ancient inventions.
  • Engineering connection: Formula One
    Despite costing millions to make, F1 cars take inspiration from some surprisingly simply sources – including ancient swords and ship sails.