• Before The Flood show

    Before The Flood

    Follow Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels to five continents and the Arctic speaking to scientists, world...

  • Tower Block Swing show

    Tower Block Swing

    Tim Shaws ingenuity is put to the test by a pioneering steerable hover-board.

  • Leaf-Blower Swivel Chair show

    Leaf-Blower Swivel Chair

    Determined to be the best in the business they build a world beating, twin-engined swivel chair.

  • Man vs Viral show

    Man vs Viral

    Man v. Viral sees funny man Tim draw on his engineering knowledge to manufacture challenges for Buddy based on web clips that...

  • Fueling The Fire show

    Fueling The Fire

    Fuelling The Fire: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gisele Bündchen travel to the Middle East and the largest rainforest in the...

  • Gathering Storm show

    Gathering Storm

    Gathering Storm: Jack Black is in Miami to find out if and how the city and other low-lying areas can survive rising seas.

  • A Race Against Time show

    A Race Against Time

    A Race Against Time: The award-winning series confronting climate change returns, as David Letterman explores the impact of...

  • Years of Living Dangerously show

    Years of Living Dangerously

    The Emmy award-winning documentary series, Years of Living Dangerously, returns with a second season to the National...

  • Water Apocalypse show

    Water Apocalypse

    Water is in increasingly short supply. Scientists and engineers the world over are struggling to create local solutions for...

  • Decoding The Brain show

    Decoding The Brain

    The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe; new technology is leading towards significant discoveries...

  • Fighting Pandemics show

    Fighting Pandemics

    New technologies developed by scientists and medical experts on the front line will soon be used to fight the pandemic viruses...

  • Breakthrough show


    When humans put their imaginations to work, anything is possible. Aiming to inspire and entertain viewers, BREAKTHROUGH delves...

  • Africa's Wild Kingdom Reborn show

    Africa's Wild Kingdom Reborn

    Experience the incredible and inspiring rebirth of an African wilderness through the eyes of Emmy Award-winning wildlife...

  • A Porsche Puzzle show

    A Porsche Puzzle

    Tim and Fuzz are called to East Anglia to rescue a very sad 1980s Porsche 911 that has seen better days. The car in question...

  • MG Miracle show

    MG Miracle

    Tim and Fuzz are off to Cheshire to answer a real SOS call. A 1938 MGTA has been virtually a lifelong project for owner and...

  • Cortina Conondrum show

    Cortina Conondrum

    Today Tim and Fuzz are off to Lincoln to answer a real SOS call. Ex mechanic George has cherished his mark 1 Ford Cortina GT...

  • Car SOS show

    Car SOS

    We all love our cars but, just like any relationship, sometimes things go downhill. Master mechanic Fuzz Townshend and Tim...

  • Panic in Paradise show

    Panic in Paradise

    An unknown number of sharks are terrorizing the waters of a popular Mexican tourist destination. In the wake of the...

  • Florida Frenzy show

    Florida Frenzy

    Florida's picturesque mid-Atlantic coast has long been a popular destination for surfers and swimmers, but three recent shark...

  • California Killer show

    California Killer

    Nat Geo WILD travels to Southern California, where, until recently, beachgoers had nothing to fear except sunburn. In 2008, a...