• Land Rover Legend show

    Land Rover Legend

    Tim and Fuzz head to South Yorkshire to tackle an ever-lengthening list of mechanical problems with a Series 1 Land Rover.

  • Lexus LFA show

    Lexus LFA

    For 20 years, Lexus has been synonymous with quiet, efficient, luxury. Now they have launched their first supercar - the Lexus...

  • Morgan Mayhem show

    Morgan Mayhem

    Morgan Mayhem: Tim and Fuzz race to Northumberland to rescue a real barn find, an eccentric 1934 Morgan 3 Wheeler that has...

  • Skyline Sensation show

    Skyline Sensation

    At her husband’s funeral, Kim vowed that she would finish restoring their beloved Nissan Skyline GTR, but years later...

  • Megafactories show


    Megafactories takes a rare look behind-the-scenes at some of the planet’s most exclusive factories, where artistry and...

  • Cortina Conondrum show

    Cortina Conondrum

    Today Tim and Fuzz are off to Lincoln to answer a real SOS call. Ex mechanic George has cherished his mark 1 Ford Cortina GT...

  • E-Type Emergency show

    E-Type Emergency

    E-Type Emergency: Mike's childhood dream to own an E-type Jaguar becomes a nightmare thanks to ill health. The Car SOS team...

  • Porsche Panamera show

    Porsche Panamera

    Porsche Saloon photo gallery from the Porsche Panamera episode of Megafactories on National Geographic Channel Farsi.

  • Morris Traveller Mayday show

    Morris Traveller Mayday

    Morris Traveller Mayday: Tim and Fuzz meet a family whose dreams of restoring a 1968 Morris Traveller were quashed by a run of...

  • Stirling Moss Sprite Special show

    Stirling Moss Sprite Special

    Stirling Moss Sprite Special: Series three hits the road as renegade engineer Tim Shaw and master mechanic Fuzz Townshend try...

  • A Porsche Puzzle show

    A Porsche Puzzle

    Tim and Fuzz are called to East Anglia to rescue a very sad 1980s Porsche 911 that has seen better days. The car in question...

  • Lancia Reborn show

    Lancia Reborn

    We all love our cars but, just like any relationship, sometimes things go downhill. Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townsend help a man...

  • Jaguar Dragster show

    Jaguar Dragster

    Based in Britain, car builders Shane and Dan are forced to travel to Mexico to make a drag racing Jaguar that can complement...

  • MG Miracle show

    MG Miracle

    Tim and Fuzz are off to Cheshire to answer a real SOS call. A 1938 MGTA has been virtually a lifelong project for owner and...

  • Start The Dart show

    Start The Dart

    Start The Dart: Tim and Fuzz head to Berkshire where they hope to surprise the loving owner of a Daimler Dart by secretly...

  • Danish Dilemma show

    Danish Dilemma

    Tim and Fuzz set sail to Denmark for their first international rescue. The car they are off to salvage is a 1968 Volvo Amazon...

  • Escort Rs in Distress show

    Escort Rs in Distress

    Tim and Fuzz are in Northern England to rescue a Ford Escort RS1600i, one of the most iconic vehicles to ever hit the road.

  • Awesome Audi show

    Awesome Audi

    Awesome Audi: Barry has long harboured hopes of restoring his 1984 Audi UR Quattro. Health issues, however, have left him...

  • Little Black Corvette show

    Little Black Corvette

    We all love our cars but, just like any relationship, sometimes things go downhill. A debilitating condition robbed Peter of...

  • SuperCar Megabuild show

    SuperCar Megabuild

    Motor mogul Afzal Kahn and his R&D department take on the challenge of converting an Aston Martin Vantage V8 into a...