• Cosmos show


    This series will invent new modes of scientific storytelling to reveal the grandeur of the universe and re-invent celebrated...

  • Collapse of The Oceans show

    Collapse of The Oceans

    Collapse of the Oceans: Joshua Jackson travels to the Great Barrier Reef to see first-hand the effects of climate change on...

  • Safe Passage show

    Safe Passage

    Safe Passage: Bradley Whitford examines the grass-roots efforts to build consensus on Capitol Hill that global warming is a...

  • Take Your Best Shot show

    Take Your Best Shot

    While scientists are trying to determine how climate change and humans have affected the marine ecosystem, they are put at...

  • The Uprooted show

    The Uprooted

    The Uprooted: Recognising the climate change crisis is an international security issue. Don Cheadle and Tom Friedman...

  • Priceless show


    Priceless: As climate change is increasingly linked to disappearing animal species, Nikki Reed asks if putting a price on...

  • The Age Of Aging show

    The Age Of Aging

    A pioneering band of scientists believe they have the knowledge to target and slow the mechanisms of ageing.

  • Wing Tennis show

    Wing Tennis

    Tim Shaw and Buddy Munro try to play tennis on the wings of an unusual 1940's biplane.

  • Mission Saturn: Inside The Rings show

    Mission Saturn: Inside The Rings

    On September 15, 2017, Cassini, the biggest interplanetary spacecraft NASA has ever built, will make a fatal dive into...

  • Brain Games show

    Brain Games

    An exploration of how the brain works, focusing on how the mind can be manipulated to see things that are not there.

  • Hiding In A Light show

    Hiding In A Light

    Neil deGrasse Tyson explores light and enlightenment, from William Herschel's chance discovery of infrared to the beginning of...

  • The Clean Room show

    The Clean Room

    The tempestuous youth of the Earth effectively erased all traces of its beginnings. How did we ever learn its true age?

  • Fighting Pandemics show

    Fighting Pandemics

    New technologies developed by scientists and medical experts on the front line will soon be used to fight the pandemic viruses...

  • Man vs Viral show

    Man vs Viral

    Man v. Viral sees funny man Tim draw on his engineering knowledge to manufacture challenges for Buddy based on web clips that...

  • Science of Stupid show

    Science of Stupid

    We love to watch other people make a mess of things- preferably in spectacular fashion. "Science of Stupid" reveals through...

  • Bill Nye's Global Meltdown show

    Bill Nye's Global Meltdown

    Bill Nye experiences the five stages of climate change grief – from denial to acceptance – and along the way, he’ll...

  • Call Of The Wild show

    Call Of The Wild

    More than half the world lives in urban environments, but some people are reaching back to the land and carving out lives in...

  • Battle For Virunga show

    Battle For Virunga

  • Eyes Wide Open show

    Eyes Wide Open

    For many living creatures, including humans, eyes are an integral survival tool. Learn how eyes have also inspired incredible...

  • Continent 7: Antartica show

    Continent 7: Antartica

    Will take you on a journey to Antarctica to experience the world’s most extreme wilderness, to see the massive undertaking...