• Lizards of Oz show

    Lizards of Oz

    The python hunters get the fright of their lives while on a night hunt for some ferocious Australian reptiles, finding...

  • Deadly Down Under show

    Deadly Down Under

    The python hunters learn catching sea snakes is a tricky business and help a Cairns snake catcher find the amethystine pythons...

  • Big Cat Specials show

    Big Cat Specials

    For millions of years, big cats have stood atop the food chain as treasured icons of the wild, but as civilization has...

  • Destination Wild show

    Destination Wild

    When it comes to experiencing the best, most intimate encounters with wildlife ever seen on television, Nat Geo brings...

  • Wildebeeste: Born To Run show

    Wildebeeste: Born To Run

    The wildebeest migration promises grand vistas, uncountable numbers and gruesome predations. But this is a personal story: Neo...

  • Python Hunter show

    Python Hunter

    Over ten thousand Burmese pythons are living and breeding out of control in the Florida Everglades. They have no natural...

  • Stalking The Anaconda show

    Stalking The Anaconda

    After tracking down the green anaconda in Peru's Amazon basin, the hunters are determined to find another rare species – the...

  • Botswana: Battle For The Pride show

    Botswana: Battle For The Pride

    In Battle for the Pride, follow a pride in Botswana — home to some of the largest male lions on the planet — as they fight...

  • Leopards, Wild Boars, Pistol Shrimp show

    Leopards, Wild Boars, Pistol Shrimp

    Battles from freezing Siberia, where scarce resources force mighty golden eagles to fight for food, to vicious leopard combat...

  • 600 lb Goldfish show

    600 lb Goldfish

    A goldfish the size of a cow, with scales as big as a baby's hand, the giant carp is found in only three rivers in South East...

  • Shock & Awe show

    Shock & Awe

    When fight or flight instincts kick in, anything is possible, from heroic acts of bravery to narrow escapes and near misses.

  • Rattlesnake Roundup show

    Rattlesnake Roundup

    The cooling ponds at a Florida nuclear power plant are the ideal habitat for crocodiles, so the hunters get ready for a...

  • Snake Infested Islan show

    Snake Infested Islan

    Deep in the Pacific, the python hunters help locals remove brown tree snakes, hunt for feral pigs and contain the invasive...

  • Jaws of Death show

    Jaws of Death

    When a wounded lion is forced to give up its regular prey, it soon learns that humans are an easier catch. Plus, a baboon...

  • Animal Fight Club show

    Animal Fight Club

    Animal Fight Club features pound-for-pound battles between some of the biggest, baddest and often surprising fighters in the...

  • Papua's Lost World show

    Papua's Lost World

    On Indonesia’s eastern frontier lies an ancient world forged by fire. Isolated for millennia, creatures here have evolved...

  • River Shark show

    River Shark

    Zeb Hogan is in Florida, investigating stories about man-eaters living in waterways far from the ocean.

  • Amazon Anaconda show

    Amazon Anaconda

    The hunters go off-road and off the map in search of the mighty green anaconda in Peru, coming face to face with one of the...

  • Cane Toad Madness show

    Cane Toad Madness

    On the final leg of their Australian road trip, the python hunters team up with local experts, including Bob Irwin, to help...

  • Ultimate Predators show

    Ultimate Predators

    In the natural world there's one rule: eat or be eaten. In this brand new five-part series meet the animals that fall firmly...