• Perspective show


    Whether it's light, shadow, distance, or sound, the way your brain perceives this information creates your unique perspective....

  • Ambushed show


    From unruly intruders and escape artists to hot-headed security guards and plain bad manners, these unapologetic animals...

  • Believe It or Not show

    Believe It or Not

    These odd incidents show just how crazy it can get out there in the animal kingdom. See the most amazing, confounding and...

  • Surprisignly Human show

    Surprisignly Human

    From the deepest seas to the tallest mountains, animals prove that when it comes to Mother Nature, there's always an exception...

  • Antartic Aftermath show

    Antartic Aftermath

    The Condition 1 storm may have passed but malfunctioning equipment, significant winds and engine failures leaving the Coast...

  • When Knowledge Conquered Fear show

    When Knowledge Conquered Fear

    There was a time, not so long ago, when natural events could only be understood as gestures of divine displeasure. We will...

  • The Electric Boy show

    The Electric Boy

    World-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson simplifies our high-tech world through the inspiring life story of the man...

  • The Lost Worlds Of Planet Earth show

    The Lost Worlds Of Planet Earth

    The past is another planet - many, actually - and we will bring several of them back to life and ride the Ship of the...

  • When Sharks Attack show

    When Sharks Attack

    Join this deep-sea saga with underwater photography, gripping news archives and paralyzing testimony to investigate recent...

  • Tim's Golf Gti Obsession show

    Tim's Golf Gti Obsession

    James has spent the last decade too ill to restore his beloved Golf. Tim and Fuzz are hoping to change all that but, after...

  • Vive La Citroen show

    Vive La Citroen

    We all love our cars but, just like any relationship, sometimes things go downhill. Alzheimer’s disease robbed classic car...

  • Africa's Wild Kingdom Reborn show

    Africa's Wild Kingdom Reborn

    Experience the incredible and inspiring rebirth of an African wilderness through the eyes of Emmy Award-winning wildlife...

  • Energy On The Edge show

    Energy On The Edge

    A new generation of inventors and entrepreneurs are looking to the edge of innovation for an alternative to fossil fuels.

  • The Age Of Aging show

    The Age Of Aging

    A pioneering band of scientists believe they have the knowledge to target and slow the mechanisms of ageing.

  • Gathering Storm show

    Gathering Storm

    Gathering Storm: Jack Black is in Miami to find out if and how the city and other low-lying areas can survive rising seas.

  • Buddy V. Train show

    Buddy V. Train

    Tim Shaw and his guinea-pig stuntman Buddy Munro attempt to ski uphill using jet power.

  • Wing Tennis show

    Wing Tennis

    Tim Shaw and Buddy Munro try to play tennis on the wings of an unusual 1940's biplane.

  • Hitler's Jet Caves show

    Hitler's Jet Caves

    In his quest for world domination Hitler oversaw the construction of the most advanced aeroplane of World War II, a fighter...

  • Power show


    In 2037, four years after Mars colonisation, a storm threatens the outpost while in the present, a bustling station in...

  • Darkest Days show

    Darkest Days

    In 2037, psychological pressure takes its toll as the crew is trapped in the habitat while in reality, scientists study the...