• Wednesday 25 July 2018 at 20:00
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    • Monster Fish show

      Monster Fish

      Fish biologist Zeb Hogan heads off on another adventure searching for the world's largest fresh water fish. This season will...

    • Green Goliath show

      Green Goliath

      The Pacific Northwest is home to the elusive green sturgeon, which can grow up to seven feet long and live for 70 years.

    • River Shark show

      River Shark

      Zeb Hogan is in Florida, investigating stories about man-eaters living in waterways far from the ocean.

    • Giant Catfish show

      Giant Catfish

      In the Deep South's swamps and bayous, there are stories of catfish the size of a car that can swallow a man whole. Zeb...

    • Salmonzilla show


      Zeb Hogan heads to Alaska to find a monster run of the world's biggest salmon. First he must brave rugged wilderness and...

    • Jungle Jaws show

      Jungle Jaws

      A voracious predatory catfish prowls the rivers of Southeast Asia, growing up to two metres long and weighing over 80kg.

    • 600 lb Goldfish show

      600 lb Goldfish

      A goldfish the size of a cow, with scales as big as a baby's hand, the giant carp is found in only three rivers in South East...