• Friday 29 June 2018 at 22:00
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    • Primal Survivor show

      Primal Survivor

      Primal Survivor tracks wilderness guide and survival instructor Hazen Audel as he tackles some of mankind's most rigorous...

    • Deadly Waters show

      Deadly Waters

      Deadly Waters: Hazen places himself in the line of danger as he embarks on a challenging solo sea-faring mission based on a...

    • Savage Jungle show

      Savage Jungle

      Savage Jungle: Hazen Audel embarks on a dangerous and lengthy solo jungle trek through the hostile and challenging Darien Gap...

    • Cannibal Legend show

      Cannibal Legend

      Cannibal Legend: Survival expert Hazen Audel tests his skills in a series of extreme solo challenges. His first stop is the...

    • Killer Cold show

      Killer Cold

      Killer Cold: Hazen Audel faces frozen rivers, blizzards and snow drifts as he walks a herd of 200 reindeer across the...

    • Thin Air show

      Thin Air

      Thin Air: Hazen braves oxygen-starved altitudes, snowstorms, blistering sun and subzero temperatures as he leads a herd of...

    • Killer Climb show

      Killer Climb

      Killer Climb: Armed with only basic tools and the ancient skills of the Maasai, Hazen navigates steep and treacherous terrain...

    • Scorched Earth show

      Scorched Earth

      Scorched Earth: Hazen Audel embarks on an epic trek across the desert. Mirroring the traditional journey of the Berber nomads,...

    • Into Raging Waters show

      Into Raging Waters

      Hazen tightropes walks over a raging current and climbs trees full of snakes as he treks through Southeast Asia's dense jungle...