• Naked Science show

      Naked Science

      Naked Science goes on journey through the Solar System and beyond, examining some of the most extreme characteristics of our...

    • Prehistoric Predators: Terror Raptor show

      Prehistoric Predators: Terror Raptor

      Isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years, South America became home to creatures found nowhere else on Earth...

    • Wild Russia show

      Wild Russia

      Through unprecedented access we showcase the wild spectacle that is the Russian continent. Wild Russia is a landmark High...

    • Dangerous Encounters show

      Dangerous Encounters

      Which of the most feared predators on the planet packs the most powerful bite? Expert Brady Barr finds out. As National...

    • Megastructures show


      Take a look inside the most ingenious and awe-inspiring structures of all time. From architectural triumphs of ancient times...

    • Planet Mechanics show

      Planet Mechanics

      Follow Dick and Jem as they use ingenuity, resourcefulness and humour to confront eco challenges.  Travelling to Bath,...