• Anaconda Queen Of The Serpents show

      Anaconda Queen Of The Serpents

      Anaconda - the mere mention of its name brings images of an awesome and terrifying killer snake!  For Dr. Jesus Rivas and his...

    • Fish Warrior show

      Fish Warrior

      Meet Fish Warrior Jakub Vágner: a man to whom fishing isn't just a hobby - it's a way of life. The conservationist and...

    • Clan Of The Meerkat show

      Clan Of The Meerkat

      In the harsh and unforgiving Namib Desert, there are hunters, big and small. A brave clan of Meerkats struggle here, working...

    • Zambezi show


      Go on an extraordinary journey and explore one of the longest rivers on the African continent, the mightyZambezi. Passing...

    • Cameramen Who Dare show

      Cameramen Who Dare

      Cameraman Kim Wolhuter steps into the heart of a wild hyena clan. Mike Richards climbs 120 feet into the rainforest canopy to...

    • Gone to Save The Planet show

      Gone to Save The Planet

      They're off on a mission now. Some people think the planet will save itself. Let's not wait. Gone to Save the Planet.

    • Hooked show


      Be prepared to look at your fish supper in a whole new light, as we bring you face-to-face with the breathtaking underwater...

    • Great Migrations show

      Great Migrations

      National Geographic Channel's Great Migrations is a seven-part global television event that takes viewers around the world on...

    • Hammerhead Highway show

      Hammerhead Highway

      Equipped with more electro sensors than any other shark, extreme maneuverability, serrated teeth and an ability to swim fast...

    • I, Predator show

      I, Predator

      It's Predator vs. Prey Like Theyve Never Been Seen Before. For the first time ever, brand-new advances in Video-Based Motion...

    • Prehistoric Predators: Terror Raptor show

      Prehistoric Predators: Terror Raptor

      Isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years, South America became home to creatures found nowhere else on Earth...

    • Bizarre Dinos show

      Bizarre Dinos

      It was inhabited by very small and similar creatures. But over millions of years, the land began to break apart, and its...

    • Built For The Kill show

      Built For The Kill

      See how the world’s animals and insects have evolved into cunning killers. From the jungle's big cats to the garden spider,...

    • Wild Russia show

      Wild Russia

      Through unprecedented access we showcase the wild spectacle that is the Russian continent. Wild Russia is a landmark High...

    • Dangerous Encounters show

      Dangerous Encounters

      Which of the most feared predators on the planet packs the most powerful bite? Expert Brady Barr finds out. As National...