• The Link show

      The Link

      Technology is all around us. From computers to cameras, cell phones to sat navs – our dependence on technology has never...

    • From Swords To Spy Planes show

      From Swords To Spy Planes

      Revealing how ancient Chinese technology set the stage for high-tech military drones.

    • From Fireworks To Forensics show

      From Fireworks To Forensics

      Uncovering the connection between the discovery of gunpowder and the virtual-reality scanner.

    • From Waterwheels To Megajets show

      From Waterwheels To Megajets

      Revealing the connection between waterwheels in medieval Europe and the technology used to build the Boeing 777.

    • From Ploughs To Supercars show

      From Ploughs To Supercars

      How hi-tech IndyCar racing owes a debt to the medieval plough, the Black Death and the Gutenberg Bible.

    • From Aqueducts to Oil Rigs show

      From Aqueducts to Oil Rigs

      From aqueducts to early steam engines to the B-29 bomber, discover the backstory of the automatic control systems used on the...