• Thursday 28 June 2018 at 10:00
  • National Geographic Farsi


In the natural world there's one rule: eat or be eaten. In this brand new five-part series meet the animals that fall firmly into the category of natural born predators. Whether hunting alone or in packs, using mind or muscle, these beasts are built for killing and woe betide any other creature that gets in their way.


  • Ultimate Predators: Animal Assasins
    Stealthy, fierce and built to kill, the world’s top carnivores are used to getting what they want. If you’re in the way of a lion, polar bear or shark, prepare to face an arsenal of deadly weapons.
  • Ultimate Predators: Chimps Attack
    No matter how cute the animal, letting your guard down can have deadly consequences. Swim with Flipper – say goodbye to a leg. Frolic with a cougar – and your carotid artery is gone in a bite.
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    Thursday 28 June 2018 at 10:00 - National Geographic Farsi
  • Ultimate Predators: Death By Dragon
  • Ultimate Predators: Killer Instincts
    Brazilian sharks, Siberian tigers and Floridian alligators are just some of the animals which will attack humans under the right circumstances.
  • Ultimate Predators: Jaws of Death
    When a wounded lion is forced to give up its regular prey, it soon learns that humans are an easier catch. Plus, a baboon takes a human baby.