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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Ryder Scales a Tree program

    Ryder Scales a Tree

    Getting a tree sample isn't quite as easy as Ryder thought it would be.

  • Lights in the Sky program

    Lights in the Sky

    Ryder discovers something quite shocking in the night sky.

  • UFO Landing Zone Teaser program

    UFO Landing Zone Teaser

    Is there a link between the military and UFO encounters?

  • Tandem Sub Dive program

    Tandem Sub Dive

    Dr. Bob Ballard is diving to extreme depths to explore a volcano; this time he is not alone.

  • An Heroic Death program

    An Heroic Death

    While running towards the towers, a fireman is struck by a body falling from the flaming buildings.

  • What to Shoot program

    What to Shoot

    The director describes his first time in the IMA warehouse and which items to feature in the program.

  • Fear the Reaper program

    Fear the Reaper

    Alex's friend Frank bought a kit to build a Maxim machine gun, notoriously known as the Grim Reaper.

  • Better to Ask for Forgiveness program

    Better to Ask for Forgiveness

    Alex test fires an extremely rare Civil War pistol that will either double the value or destroy it.

  • Buying and Un-buying a Tank program

    Buying and Un-buying a Tank

    Buying a tank for a quarter of a million dollars seems like a good idea, until Dad finds out.

  • Does Susie Have A Sister? program

    Does Susie Have A Sister?

    Paul and Tom try to get a cannonball out of a century-old cannon without it blowing up.

  • Car in the Coop program

    Car in the Coop

    The crew finds an old car in an abandoned turkey coop on the Thomas Plantation.

  • Skipping the Formalities program

    Skipping the Formalities

    The CCR mining boys clean and weigh their daily haul without landowner Clark present.

  • Brown Bears Battle program

    Brown Bears Battle

    Young brown bears practice fighting while two older males put their skills to the test over a female.

  • An Amazing Find program

    An Amazing Find

    A paleoanthropologist father and his son make an amazing discovery of ancient hominid remains in South Africa.

  • Addicted to Vodka program

    Addicted to Vodka

    For the past three years, Ryan’s been drinking three pints of vodka a day.

  • Special Delivery program

    Special Delivery

    Eddie is stuck in backed up traffic on his way to a tow when he gets a call from his pregnant wife.

  • Double Trouble program

    Double Trouble

    A Running Bear tow team cruises Donner Pass and possibly finds more than it can handle.

  • Det låga mullret program

    Det låga mullret

    Tystnaden av den fallande sön avbryts av muller från en lavin.

  • Fel sida av vägen program

    Fel sida av vägen

    Jamie och Brandon måste köra mot trafiken för att kunna bärga bort ett fordon från vägen.

  • Växellådan program


    Jamie lär 16åriga Brandon att köra en manuelldriven lastbil.