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More than 99.9% of all species that have inhabited the Earth are extinct – could mankind be next? 

Black holes hurdling through space, deadly asteroids able to wipe out northern Europe in a single blow, hostile extra-terrestrials…science has introduced you to a host of galactic doomsday scenarios that could jeopardize your planet. 

But, these cosmic catastrophes are second tier to the dangers that Mother Nature – and mankind itself – can inflict. 
Will a supervolcanic eruption alter our planet’s atmosphere so completely that we stand little chance of survival?  Could a pandemic on a scale larger than the 1918 Spanish influenza sweep the globe?  Or, will mankind’s quest to push the bounds of scientific understanding ultimately lead to its demise? 

10 Ways To End The World is a countdown of the top ten most chilling threats that could usher in the end of humanity as you know it.


  • 10 Ways to End the World: Episode 1
    From collapsing stars to deadly pandemics, scientists and other experts explore five potential threats from nature that could end mankind.
  • 10 Ways to End the World: Episode 2
    Will mankind destroy itself? Scientists and other experts examine the doomsday scenarios that threaten us, from nuclear war to climate change.



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    A New Pandemic

    If a powerful mutated virus hit the general population, humans would be in serious trouble.

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