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Jump on-board for an adrenalin-packed adventure exposing the harsh working environments endured by Alaska’s fishermen in Alaska's Fishing Wars

Get an eye-opening insight into life on a fishing boat, the job of workers in the processing facilities and the pilots on hand to help comrades and scout in seaplanes. 

Then of course there’s the authorities; the Departments of Fish and Game representatives who must oversee everything.

Capturing the process from the harvest to the marketplace, examine how the purse seine net fishery and the long line fishery operate all year round – purse seine fishing involves large ships with massive nets that literally scoop the fish out of the water, picking up to 15,000lbs of fish at a time.

Long line fishermen send out miles and miles of line with thousands of hooks, looking to catch fish such as halibut, whilst battling the brutal Alaskan elements.


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