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In this town marijuana dispensaries outnumber Starbucks by about two to one. 

Welcome to Fort Collins where you’ll run into all sorts of characters involved in the cannabis business from herbal healers to black market dealers. 

In this part of Colorado, you’ll experience the highs and lows of the medicinal marijuana industry as you explore this state’s fast-growing cannabis culture.


  • American Weed: Marijuana Drama
    Fort Collins' dispensaries face an uncertain future as a community activist attempts to force a ban on medical marijuana in the town.
  • American Weed: Weed-Jacked!
    While medicinal marijuana may be legal in Fort Collins, the drug’s illicit past can be hard to leave behind.
  • American Weed: War Over Weed
    As a former mayor makes a case for outlawing the herb, Josh Stanley fights back to protect the legal weed industry - and his livelihood.
  • American Weed: Buds On The Ballot
    Tensions mount and tempers flare as Fort Collins, Colorado faces the possibility of a ban on its medical marijuania dispensaries.
  • American Weed: Pot Or Not?
    With the fight for Fort Collins' marijuana dispensaries set to be decided, both sides of the debate battle to swing the vote in their favour.
  • American Weed: Marijuana Under Fire
    In the wake of the banning of Colorado's medical marijuana centres, the Stanley brothers are determined to stay focused on their mission.


  • Going To Pot photo

    Going To Pot

    Thousands of patients seek herbal treatment at Fort Collins’ plentiful dispensaries, but some r...

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