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    • Last Day At the Dispensary show

      Last Day At the Dispensary

      Alex Douglas trains his replacement on his final day as manager of North Boulder Wellness Center.

    • In Plain Site show

      In Plain Site

      It is illegal to grow medical marijuana in public view as these growers find out.

    • Pain Management show

      Pain Management

      Grape Ape is a strand often used for pain management.

    • Jason show


      Jason, a former pro-skater smokes for functional pain relief after suffering servere injuries.

    • Office Grow show

      Office Grow

      Door after door opens to rooms filled with marijuana growth.

    • Dispensary Woes show

      Dispensary Woes

      As the vote approaches some dispensaries like Emerald Pathway feel the stress of mounting bills.

    • Reefer Robbery show

      Reefer Robbery

      Even with security measures in place, this dispensary faced a serious robbery attack.

    • Anticipating the Count show

      Anticipating the Count

      In Fort Collins, the votes are in and everyone is waiting with anticipation for the final tally to reveal the fate of medical m...

    • Stocking Up show

      Stocking Up

      Some medical marijuana patients are stocking up in case the vote bans medical marijuana.

    • 1000 Foot Rule show

      1000 Foot Rule

      There is a new federal law that does not allow medical marijuana dispensaries within 1000 feet from schools. Is Josh's dispensa...

    • Cannabidiol Oil show

      Cannabidiol Oil

      Another choice for patients to ingest medical cannabis is through oil. There are studies that claim these oils actually help fi...