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    • High and Deadly show

      High and Deadly

      As trouble escalates and budgets plummet, this huge, understaffed jail is facing its biggest challenge yet - keeping the inmate...

    • Texas Gang War show

      Texas Gang War

      It takes a special, 24-hour response team to maintain order among this prison's 4,000 inmates.

    • Deadly Sentence show

      Deadly Sentence

      Deadly Sentence video from America's Hardest Prisons on National Geographic Channel.

    • Death Trap show

      Death Trap

      Deadly Sentence promo from the new series of America's Hardest Prison.

    • Judgement Day show

      Judgement Day

      Meet the officers trying to protect Cuyahoga County Jail from the spread of the Heartless Felons - one of Ohio's deadliest pris...

    • America's Hardest Prisons 2 show

      America's Hardest Prisons 2

      A revealling look behind the bars of six of America's toughest, meanest and most daunting jails.

    • America's Hardest Prisons 1 show

      America's Hardest Prisons 1

      A shocking look behind the bars of six of America's toughest, meanest and most daunting jails.

    • Inmate to Excon show

      Inmate to Excon

      There’s one thing harder than being inside one of America’s toughest prisons – being on the outside.

    • Women on the Edge show

      Women on the Edge

      Wayne County Jail, Detroit, is targeting habitual femail offenders, for help, not punishment.

    • Kids Behind Bars show

      Kids Behind Bars

      Welcome to the Youthful Offenders System, the best chance for Colorado’s violent teens.