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Humans may not have evolved to wield electricity, achieve invisibility or regenerate like their favourite superheroes – but animals have!

In Animal Superpowers see how different species have evolved and developed mesmerising powers to stay ahead in the ultimate survival-of-the-fittest competition. 

Assisted by wildlife experts and stunning virtual models, acclaimed British actor Patrick Stewart explores the science behind the animal kingdom’s most formidable superpowers.


  • Animal Superpowers: Extreme Hunters
    Patrick Stewart investigates the incredible senses of the hammerhead shark, python, pit viper, and sperm whale.
  • Animal Superpowers: Extreme Killers
    Patrick Stewart looks at the abilities of some of nature's most successful killers – the alligator, peregrine falcon, and army ant.
  • Animal Superpowers: Extreme Survivors
    Patrick Stewart investigates the defensive tricks of the camouflaged octopus, electric eel, and regenerating salamander.



  • Extreme Hunters photo

    Extreme Hunters

    They’re the superpowers of the predator world; discover the extra-ordinary hunting skills used ...

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