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Do apes and humans have the same way of flirting and trying to hook up

Do men meeting for the first time look classically like chimpanzees establishing dominance? 

And do children pinching sweets match chimps deceiving their alpha male? 

You may have evolved over the past six million years, but there's still an ape in all of us

Ape Man airs Mondays at 9PM and combines stunts, humorous experiments, hidden-camera footage and expert analysis to demonstrate the curious, unspoken customs that govern your behaviour

Presented by Brit actor Peter Elliot (dubbed ‘the film industry's primary primate’) this one-off special explores the daily battles for power, territory, sex and allegiance.

This programme is 21st century anthropology with a Candid Camera twist…


  • Ape Man: Alpha Male
    Explore the startling similarities between apes and humans, and discover the primitive instincts that drive competitive behaviour in both.
  • Ape Man: Hooking Up
    All human attraction has its roots in the ape world. Discover just how similar our courtship and mating rituals are.
  • Ape Man: Social Climbers
    Explore the desire in both apes and humans to be accepted by those around them, as well the similar tactics used by both to achieve this.



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    Who's Boss?

    A team of guys battle for control of the group while a hidden camera spies on them.

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