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Infamous for his crimes against humanity, Hitler's rise to power was unexpected and devastating.

But how could a political party so intolerant gain so much power under one man?

Using historical newly colourised and impactful footage, Apocalypse: The Rise Of Hitler is a two-part documentary which takes a remarkable look into the Nazis' ascent, exploring Hitler's path from mediocre student and failed artist to totalitarian dictator.

Apocalypse: The Rise Of Hitler: The Menace
The trenches gave him his self-appointed mission to save Germany, but it was Hitler's natural ability to address the crowds that allowed him to take advantage of a devastated population. However, without the Great Depression, would the Third Reich have existed?

Apocalypse: The Rise Of Hitler: The Furher
Prior to his new-found prominence, Hitler was considered a mad man on the fringe of German political life. So how did he...

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