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If the floodwaters rise, if the virus spreads, if the bombs go off — these men are ready.

Meet the Armageddon Outfitters - four former Marines who believe that they have what it takes to survive almost any doomsday scenario.

Joel, Mark, Mike and Jimmy own Forge Survival Supply; their mission is to use what they have on hand to teach and test their clients' survival skills and get them ready for the potential end of the world.

Armageddon Outfitters airs Wednesdays at 9pm from 3 April.


  • Armageddon Outfitters: Guns, Bunkers, And Grease
    The gang meets Jeff Dobbs, who lives almost entirely off the grid. Joel and Jimmy offer him cheap security, while Mark and Mike upgrade his car.
  • Armageddon Outfitters: The Warrior Spirit
    The guys head to New York to help a couple create an escape plan. Plus, a young prepper asks the team to evaluate his weapons.
  • Armageddon Outfitters: Expect The Unexpected
    The guys help a family living on a 40-acre plot to fortify their land. Later they meet young prepper Josh, who has impressive supplies.
  • Armageddon Outfitters: Ready To Rumble
    The guys meet Josh, who is preparing for a zombie apocalypse. They then talk to a former Marine who has put together a community of preppers.
  • Armageddon Outfitters: Better Safe Than Sorry
    Former marines Joel, Mark, Mike and Jimmy continue their quest to teach people the skills they will need to survive after the end of the world.