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  • Saturday 7 November at 1:00PM
  • Nat Geo Wild


Did you know the Grampian Mountains were once taller than Everest and Devon was once a burning hot desert? Lions and rhinos once roamed the banks of the Thames? And the world's purest gold is produced in Wales?

These are just some of the extraordinary facts under scrutiny in the Birth of Britain with Tony Robinson. Join Tony as he ventures into the country's extraordinary and fiery past, revealing how our islands were forged from molten rock, volcanic explosions, ice and seismic upheaval.

Travelling around Britain's spectacular primal landscapes to investigate just how the land came to be the place we live today, Tony finds evidence of lava blasts in the heart of Edinburgh, learns the origins of our very own bling at Britain's only working gold mine and investigates evidence of Britain's deep freezes that left the land locked under ice sheets over a mile thick.

Hidden Volcanoes - Britain...

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