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This captivating six-part series features the Costa Serena, one of Europe's largest cruise ships. Longer than London Bridge and with entertainment areas covering more space than 20 football pitches, her 1,000-strong crew are pushed to the max keeping some 3,800 passengers in check. Follow all the action at sea as Italian Captain Russo and his crew cope with the onslaught of bad weather, demanding guests, wacky entertainers and medical emergencies. Expect tango, tempers, brawls and birthdays - this is the inside story of cruise ship life.


  • Cruise Ship Diaries: Honeymoon Season
    With worsening weather approaching, the crew of the Costa Serena – one of the ocean's biggest ships – endure a tricky honeymoon season.
  • Cruise Ship Diaries: Inspectors On Board
    With up to 3,800 passengers on each cruise, the crew of the Costa Serena are pushed to the limit – and having inspectors on board doesn't help...
  • Cruise Ship Diaries: Magic And Mayhem
    After leaving Venice, drama awaits the crew of the Costa Serena as a new magic show and a sudden death on board disrupt their plans.
  • Cruise Ship Diaries: Rock Concert
    The entertainment team are forced to work double shifts as the crew face up to the added stress of having a famous rock band on board.
  • Cruise Ship Diaries: Dirty Dancing
    As the ship leaves Venice, Captain Russo and his team are tested by their demanding guests and an eccentric onboard entertainer.
  • Cruise Ship Diaries: The Final Countdown
    Follow the trials and tribulations on board the Costa Serena, one of the biggest cruise ships on the ocean.