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‘No dog is too much for me to handle’, insists Cesar Millan but, after helping countless hounds, this is nonetheless the final series of the ever-popular ‘The Dog Whisperer’. 

There’s no need for fans to worry - he’ll be back soon with the exciting new show ‘Leader Of The Pack’ – but in the meantime, what better destination for his victory lap than Great Britain? 

Cesar soon finds out that whatever their cultural differences, the British and Americans share common misunderstandings of their dogs.

Training the humans as much as he rehabilitates the dogs, he meets people with problem pooches, including one couple whose attempts to incorporate their Alaskan Klee Kai, Kimba, into their healthy lifestyle are hampered by her aggression towards other dogs. Is the reaction founded in fear and, if so, what can be done?

Then there’s Ellie, a dog who has spent too long without ...
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When to watch

  1. Episode 38/ Not-So-Right Herbie, Brothers & Sisters, Paddy's Wagon
    April 4/ 4:00pm
    Set Reminder
  2. Episode 39/ Dominic's Horror Picture Show, My Fair Molly, Locked Down in Liverpool
    April 4/ 5:00pm
    Set Reminder
  3. Episode 38/ Not-So-Right Herbie, Brothers & Sisters, Paddy's Wagon
    April 22/ 6:00pm
    Set Reminder