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  • Homeboys and hounds show

    Homeboys and hounds

    Cesar helps out some former gang members and their out of control dogs.

  • Hounded By Fear show

    Hounded By Fear

    Join Cesar as he helps some people to get over their horrendous fear of dogs!

  • High Anxiety show

    High Anxiety

    Find out if these set of canines suffer from a dog form of obsessive compulsive disorder.

  • Home Wreckers show

    Home Wreckers

    These dogs are stopping their owners from getting close…can Cesar rescue their relationships?

  • Keep Calm show

    Keep Calm

    How can a skate board, a box or a specific room in their house frighten these hefty hounds?

  • Bull Whipping show

    Bull Whipping

    These aggressive bull dogs are making their owners’ lives hell – can Cesar Millan make them passive hounds?

  • Army Brats show

    Army Brats

    Cesar Millan offers his help to the US Army!

  • Britain's Toughest Dogs show

    Britain's Toughest Dogs

    Exclusive preview from the very first UK episodes of The Dog Whisperer.

  • Harriet Thorpe and Cesar Millan show

    Harriet Thorpe and Cesar Millan

    See what happens when Cesar meets actress Harriet Thorpe and her sister Matilda to discuss their dogs' controlling behaviour.

  • Harriet And Diesel show

    Harriet And Diesel

    Cesar observes Harriet prepare her pet dog Diesel for a walk outside.

  • Matilda and Bruno show

    Matilda and Bruno

    At Matilda's house, Cesar discovers that Bruno is the dominant canine of the pack.

  • Cesar cracks UK cases show

    Cesar cracks UK cases

    See Cesar crack all new K9 cases in the UK.