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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild

  • Tuesday 28 April at 12:00AM
  • National Geographic Channel


Drugs: A multi-billion-dollar industry that fuels crime and violence like no other substance on the planet

Turning cartel leaders into billionaires, the illegal drug industry also provides vital income to hundreds of thousands of workers across the globe. 

While some users sacrifice their lives to an addiction they can't escape, others find drugs to be their only saving grace from physical or emotional pain almost impossible to overcome. 

Where should the lines be drawn in this lucrative industry?

New Drugs Inc airs Fridays at 10PM.

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When to watch

  1. Episode 1/ New Year's Eve NYC
    April 28/ 12:00am
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  2. Episode 2/ Mardi Gras
    April 29/ 12:00am
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  3. Episode 3/ Cocaine White Gold
    April 30/ 12:00am
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