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For millions of Americans, the Labor Day weekend is the last big party of the summer.

For the cops and emergency medical teams of Maricopa County, Arizona - like their counterparts across the U.S. – it can mean chaos, blood, and violence.

Drunken States of America premieres on Thursday 28 June at 9pm and follows the mayhem that can be attributed to mostly one thing: alcohol! 

Too many Labor Day revellers cross the line between a good time and dangerous intoxication.

The consequences can be severe, ranging from physical injuries to prison

In this one-off show, experts explain the psychological and physical effects of drinking, traffic patrols search for people driving under the influence, hospital emergency rooms deal with victims of drunken shootings and knife attacks, and meet the repeat drink drive offenders who are working on chain gangs in desert jails. 

As 80,000 Americans are kill...
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