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    • Earth Report 2009 show

      Earth Report 2009

      Scientific breakthroughs from 2008 will form the core of this year’s Earth Report. Young high-energy experts from around the...

    • Vertical Farm show

      Vertical Farm

      In 2008, innovative thinking for the city of the future gave birth to some exciting new ideas. The hot topic of the year: the ...

    • Food Shortages show

      Food Shortages

      Millions of the world’s poorest populations in 2008 suffered severe food shortages as crops failed and food prices spiked.

    • Endangered Animals show

      Endangered Animals

      Hundreds of thousands of plants and animals worldwide are already threatened by over-hunting, deforestation and the encroachmen...

    • Artic Ice show

      Artic Ice

      Some feared that the arctic ice would retreat further than ever and lead to an 'ice free' north pole. The volume of ice did rea...

    • Bikini Atoll show

      Bikini Atoll

      Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands was the site of 23 nuclear weapons tests by the United States. 50 years after the testing,...

    • Atlantic Hurricanes show

      Atlantic Hurricanes

      Research has found 90% of Atlantic hurricanes were preceded by lightning storms over the highlands of East Africa in Ethiopia. ...

    • Myanmar Cyclone show

      Myanmar Cyclone

      May 2nd, 2008 Cyclone Nargis slammed the nation of Myanmar, killing nearly 130,000 people. Typhoon, cyclones, and hurricanes de...

    • Volcanic Eruptions show

      Volcanic Eruptions

      64 volcanoes erupted in 2008. One-tenth of the world's population lives in the shadow of an active volcano. The University of P...

    • China Earthquake show

      China Earthquake

      On May 12, 2008 a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck the Szechwan province of China. This was the worst natural disaster to hit Ch...