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    • Extreme Ice show

      Extreme Ice

      As scientists try to forecast the future consequences of the big melt, internationally acclaimed photographer James Balog is ri...

    • Melting Away show

      Melting Away

      In the next hundred years, the oceans will expand on their own as they warm, accounting for about 30 centimeters of sea level r...

    • Oulet Glaciers show

      Oulet Glaciers

      Around 1997, there was an abrupt 1.6 degree Celsius jump in coastal water temperatures, exactly when the outlet glaciers began ...

    • Greenland Ice Sheet show

      Greenland Ice Sheet

      The summer melt season on the Greenland ice sheet has grown hotter. Rivers of meltwater cut deep into the ice, creating a serpe...

    • National Ice Core Lab show

      National Ice Core Lab

      At the National Ice Core Lab in Lakewood, Colorado, a giant freezer stores over 13,000 meters of ice drilled from 34 sites arou...

    • Polar Ice Sheets show

      Polar Ice Sheets

      The abrupt collapse of the world’s mountain glaciers raises even more disturbing questions about the earth’s biggest tracts...

    • Laser Tracking show

      Laser Tracking

      After several days of laser tracking, Tad Pfeffer knows how fast the Columbia is moving, 16 meters per day, eight times faster ...

    • Time Lapse Camera show

      Time Lapse Camera

      Just down the fjord, Balog and Extreme Ice Survey engineer, Adam LeWinter, climb down to one of the time-lapse cameras they ins...

    • Columbia Bay show

      Columbia Bay

      In the shallow waters of Columbia Bay, melting icebergs jam up before being carried away with the tide. This is the end of the ...

    • Expansion and Contraction show

      Expansion and Contraction

      Over the millennia, the expansion and contraction of ice across the continents has fundamentally altered the planet, gouging ou...

    • Solid and Liquid States show

      Solid and Liquid States

      What began as a photographic assignment has become a mind-blowing odyssey into an unpredictable world, where entire landscapes ...