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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Extreme Adventures show

    Extreme Adventures

    Human endurance is tested against some of the most extreme conditions on the planet.

  • Baby Apes show

    Baby Apes

    Photos of mothers and fathers raising their young.

  • Treasure Hunters show

    Treasure Hunters

    Check out the men and women who set out to find the world’s most precious metals in hope of earning a fortune.

  • Cesar In Action show

    Cesar In Action

    Cesar Millan working hard to train not only the dogs, but the owners as well.

  • Rusty motors get some TLC show

    Rusty motors get some TLC

    A Mark 1 Ford Cortina GT, 1980’s Porsche 911, Daimler SP250 and a series 1 Land Rover get the Car S.O.S makeover.

  • Tuna Chasing show

    Tuna Chasing

    For 10 weeks the most skilled fishermen will set out in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic in hopes of catching the valuab...

  • Cosmos Story show

    Cosmos Story

    Meet the people bringing you the amazing stories surrounding the Cosmos.

  • Digging for Treasure show

    Digging for Treasure

    Metal detectors, exploring and digging all add up to a good old time for these guys.

  • Extraordinary People show

    Extraordinary People

    The amazing men, women and families taking on life’s biggest challenges.

  • Wild Apes show

    Wild Apes

    Gorillas, bonobos and chimpanzees captured on camera in the wild jungle of the Congo region.

  • Tourist Scammers show

    Tourist Scammers

    Conor on his quests to unravel the scams that see tourists parting ways with their cash.

  • Surviving A Water Landing show

    Surviving A Water Landing

    Check out these dramatic re-constructed scenes of the survivors of Flight 1549 after their planes lands in the Hudson River.

  • Volkswagen Fish Tank show

    Volkswagen Fish Tank

    Brilliant and ingenious creation of a fish tank in a Volkswagen van.

  • Emperor Penguins show

    Emperor Penguins

    Large groups of Emperor penguins gather on the harsh Antarctic ice.

  • Penguins Marching show

    Penguins Marching

    Beautiful images are captured of the penguins as they move between locations within Orlando’s Sea World.

  • Nazi Creations show

    Nazi Creations

    Nazi ideas, massive undertakings and the men that were part of those mega structure creations.

  • Prepping for Doomsday show

    Prepping for Doomsday

    Delve into the lives of people from all over the country, young and old, as they prepare themselves for doomsday.

  • Creative Cocaine Smugglers show

    Creative Cocaine Smugglers

    People go to extreme measures to smuggle cocaine into the USA.

  • Hidden Terrain show

    Hidden Terrain

    See strange and wonderful creatures and a small selection of Thailand's 27,000 flowering plants.

  • Addicted to the Drug Business show

    Addicted to the Drug Business

    In this business, there are a lot of people making money and taking advantage of drug addicts.