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  • Do Aliens Really Exist? show

    Do Aliens Really Exist?

    Mass hallucinations, top-secret military experiments, naturally occurring phenomena - find out if there are aliens among us.

  • Sex industry show

    Sex industry

    Images from Prostitution: The Oldest Trade part of the Taboo series.

  • Baby Mammoth Surgery show

    Baby Mammoth Surgery

    Scientist disect the baby mammoth.

  • Doggerland show



  • High Tech Workers show

    High Tech Workers

    Today, an entire workforce of women is just an internet connection and a phone call away.

  • Texas Gang War show

    Texas Gang War

    Photo gallery for Texas Gang War episode from America's Hardest Prisons series on National Geographic Channel.

  • Rebuilding the Horton 229 show

    Rebuilding the Horton 229

    An elite group of aerospace engineers and stealth experts rebuild the Horton 229

  • Bully Dogs show

    Bully Dogs

    Cesar tackles two bullying bulldogs whose owners have reached the end of their teethers!

  • Treasure Hunters show

    Treasure Hunters

    Check out the men and women who set out to find the world’s most precious metals in hope of earning a fortune.

  • Georgia's maximum security prisons. show

    Georgia's maximum security prisons.

    A look inside Georgia’s maximum security prisons.

  • Tribal Survival show

    Tribal Survival

    Explore some of the world’s toughest environments, inhabited by remote tribal communities.

  • The Costa Serena show

    The Costa Serena

    Step on board the Costa Serena and get the low down on one of Europe's largest cruise ships.

  • Book of Exodus show

    Book of Exodus

    Could an environmental catastrophe and a volcanic eruption hundreds of miles away really have led to one of the Bible's greates...

  • Largest Human Gathering show

    Largest Human Gathering

    Photos from the largest gathering of humans in one place, at one time, on earth.

  • The Rudy Giuliani Story images show

    The Rudy Giuliani Story images

    See images of Rudy Giuliani following the September 11 attacks on New York's World Trade Centre.

  • Nudity show


  • Holiday Nightmare show

    Holiday Nightmare

    After poor decisions, a visit to a foreign country can turn into a nightmare.

  • Bush Pilots show

    Bush Pilots

    These pilots must transport supplies and rescue the lost and injured in areas that only planes can get to.

  • Behind Bars show

    Behind Bars

    From counterfeit money to heroin stings these people landed behind bars abroad.

  • Somali Pirates: Fighting Back show

    Somali Pirates: Fighting Back

    This one-hour special reveals the incredible events when an unarmed crew fought against Somali pirates to regain control of the...