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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Big Cats show

    Big Cats

    These felines are not always the righteous “monarchs” they might seem to be.

  • World Without Oil show

    World Without Oil

    It’s the backbone of modern life. It’s in the food we eat, the houses we live in, the cars we drive. Oil is one of the mos...

  • The Hammer of Witches show

    The Hammer of Witches

    Delve into the eerie, ancient world of witch-hunting in our special that exposes how our ancestors used an instructions manual ...

  • Methamphetamine show


    See the dangers of meth and the unexpected physical damages caused by the drug.

  • Old Habits show

    Old Habits

    A unique portrait of elderly addiction, hidden behind closed doors. By Lyric R. Cabral.

  • Mali Elephants show

    Mali Elephants

    The Mali elephant takes on the longest elephant migration on Earth; in 300-mile circle around the heart of Mali.

  • Golden Jellyfish show

    Golden Jellyfish

    Up to 24 million golden jellyfish of Jellyfish Lake undergo a one-kilometre long daily migration.

  • Zebras show


    The migration of the Makgadikgadi Zebras is the second largest zebra migration in the world.

  • Batteries, Rock and Cereal boxes show

    Batteries, Rock and Cereal boxes

    Photo gallery of the Batteries, Rock and Cereal boxes episode from the My Dog Ate What?

  • Pirate City show

    Pirate City

    With CGI artwork and reenactments see how this pirate city may have looked like hundreds of years ago.

  • Behind the Scenes show

    Behind the Scenes

    See how scientists searched the Caribbean for ruins, and meet the characters of Wicked Pirate City.

  • The Hull show

    The Hull

    The team work with rivets and learn to bend steel as they build a piece of the hull.

  • Mind-Blowing Games show

    Mind-Blowing Games

    People discovering the deep inner-workings of their brain with some help of Jason Silva.

  • The Making Of... show

    The Making Of...

    ...images featuring the historians and specialists involved in filming Hunting Hitler's Henchmen.

  • Furry Kats show

    Furry Kats

    See what life is like in the Kalahari Desert when you're only 12 inches tall.

  • At The Edge show

    At The Edge

    Extreme seasons make it hard and hungry times for Scandinavian wildlife.

  • On the Trail show

    On the Trail

    Experts trek across vast landscapes searching for clues behind animal attacks.

  • Okvango’s Lions show

    Okvango’s Lions

    A lion struggles to hunt alone with two cubs to feed.

  • The Undead show

    The Undead

    Investigate the dark superstitions that some people had about dead bodies.

  • Titanic in CGI show

    Titanic in CGI

    Using CGI animations, experts recreate the ship as it was on that fateful night.