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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Danger in the Sky show

    Danger in the Sky

    Helicopters fail and skydiving adventures can go terribly wrong.

  • Furry Kats show

    Furry Kats

    See what life is like in the Kalahari Desert when you're only 12 inches tall.

  • Prepper Property show

    Prepper Property

    Built with sustainability, efficiency, durability, and security in mind, couples have built safe houses for own defence.

  • Safe Haven show

    Safe Haven

    Amish followers lead a simple agricultural life. And for many young people who have deserted the faith, they’ve found a safe ...

  • The Experts show

    The Experts

    Experts use special tools to start the intricate cleaning of Staffordshire Hoard.

  • Military Leader show

    Military Leader

    He eluded the CIA for a decade, find out how the CIA eventually captured al Queda’s military leader.

  • Cougar show


    See photos of this majestic big cat.

  • Deepsea Expedition show

    Deepsea Expedition

    See photos from James Cameron's expedition to the bottom of the ocean.

  • Silent Witnesses show

    Silent Witnesses

    Bugs helped catch a killer with an 'air tight' alibi.

  • The Odd Ones show

    The Odd Ones

    Take a look at some of nature’s curious looking creatures.

  • Neo Survivalists show

    Neo Survivalists

    This group of people is preparing itself to be self-sufficient from outside sources.

  • Police, Camera, Action show

    Police, Camera, Action

    Check out some of these extreme war machines.

  • Treasure Hunt show

    Treasure Hunt

    Meet the Danley Demo crew in their "demolisher" daily routine.

  • Meet the Team show

    Meet the Team

    These guys venture into spooky basements and structurally unsound buildings to find valuables that can be refurbished and resold.

  • Smuggler Trouble show

    Smuggler Trouble

    At JFK International Airport in NYC, officers encounter extreme smuggling cases.

  • Deadly Roads show

    Deadly Roads

    Once the snow hits, tow truck drivers start their work.

  • Killing Lincoln Production Photos show

    Killing Lincoln Production Photos

    Behind-the-scenes photos from the production set.

  • Specialised Guns show

    Specialised Guns

    Big guns, small guns, strange guns and everything in between.

  • Cycling’s Other Side show

    Cycling’s Other Side

    Cycling, anti-doping and one man’s fall from grace.

  • Alaska’s Extreme Weather show

    Alaska’s Extreme Weather

    Dangerous ice, snow and freezing conditions test these guys survival limits.