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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Betrayed by the Sun show

    Betrayed by the Sun

    Our sun won’t live forever. What would happen if it became into an enormous red giant and swallow the earth?

  • Expedition Kodiak show

    Expedition Kodiak

    Trek to Alaska's Kodiak Island, where Casey gets knee-deep in grizzly life in order to teach Brutus the ways of his wild relati...

  • Enchanting Apes show

    Enchanting Apes

    Orangutan Rescue images.

  • How will we meet ET? show

    How will we meet ET?

    Hunt For Aliens search for clues of life on other planets.

  • Notorious Hoaxer show

    Notorious Hoaxer

    See pictures of ripper hoaxer John Humble and the real Yorkshire ripper's victims.

  • Cocaine show


    Uncover more about how the supply chain of cocaine stretches around the world.

  • One Ocean show

    One Ocean

    See stunning images from the Life of Oceans series on National Geographic Channel.

  • Elephant Seals show

    Elephant Seals

    Male southern elephant seals, or bulls, must compete to earn the right to mate with an assembly of females.

  • Quest for the truth show

    Quest for the truth

    Investigate myths and legends to determine the truth behind some of history's earliest stories.

  • Snakes and Gators show

    Snakes and Gators

    Take a good look at some of the snakes and baby gators in the lab.

  • Reptile Trackers show

    Reptile Trackers

    Follow an elite squad of snake-trackers determined to protect the planet’s reptiles.

  • Deadly Skies show

    Deadly Skies

    Deadly Skies photo gallery from the Alaska's Toughest Pilots series on National Geographic Channel.

  • Plague, Rampage & Killers! show

    Plague, Rampage & Killers!

    Meet the creatures that are causing a wild threat to us humans!

  • Canine Slayers show

    Canine Slayers

    What caused these timid beasts to savage a human being?

  • Great White Snaps show

    Great White Snaps

    Killer 'Great White' Shots.

  • The Faces Behind 9/11 show

    The Faces Behind 9/11

    See the faces of the infamous men behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  • Meet The Cast show

    Meet The Cast

    Meet the crew and meerkats featured in this remarkable documentary.

  • The Experts show

    The Experts

    Experts use special tools to start the intricate cleaning of Staffordshire Hoard.

  • Jaguars' Secrets show

    Jaguars' Secrets

    Did you know jaguars sometimes feed on sea turtles which have come ashore to lay eggs?

  • Silent Witnesses show

    Silent Witnesses

    Bugs helped catch a killer with an 'air tight' alibi.