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National Geographic Channel


  • Mortal Enemies show

    Mortal Enemies

    Lions and hyenas have waged war for centuries. Watch what happens when these two competitors come face-to-face.

  • Dangerous Confrontations show

    Dangerous Confrontations

    Find out some of the most vivid, disturbing and remarkable wildlife moments.

  • Betrayed by the Sun show

    Betrayed by the Sun

    Our sun won’t live forever. What would happen if it became into an enormous red giant and swallow the earth?

  • Enchanting Apes show

    Enchanting Apes

    Orangutan Rescue images.

  • Notorious Hoaxer show

    Notorious Hoaxer

    See pictures of ripper hoaxer John Humble and the real Yorkshire ripper's victims.

  • Secrets of Stonehenge show

    Secrets of Stonehenge

    Discover the Secrets of Stonehenge in our selection of images taken during the filming of Making History.

  • Nocturnal Cats show

    Nocturnal Cats

    See amazing images of deadly lions as they stalk and kill prey at night.

  • Great White Shark show

    Great White Shark

    At up to 40 feet long and 20 tonnes, the largest fish in the sea lives entirely on the very tiniest of creatures.

  • Elephant Seals show

    Elephant Seals

    Male southern elephant seals, or bulls, must compete to earn the right to mate with an assembly of females.

  • Reliving the Blitz show

    Reliving the Blitz

    See Blitz Street images from our specially constructed street and discover the moving personal testimony of survivors.

  • Walking Like a Dinosaur show

    Walking Like a Dinosaur

    Phil reveals new evidence of quirky movements that adult and baby Titanosaurs made 70-million years ago.

  • Thongs, Dummies and $800 show

    Thongs, Dummies and $800

    Photo gallery of the Thongs, Dummies and $800 episode from the My Dog Ate What?

  • Amazon Nightmare show

    Amazon Nightmare

    Images from the Amazon Nightmare episode, part of the Beast Man series on Nat Geo Wild.

  • Behind the Scenes show

    Behind the Scenes

    See how scientists searched the Caribbean for ruins, and meet the characters of Wicked Pirate City.

  • Medical Marvels show

    Medical Marvels

    Medical Marvels photo gallery, part of the Wonder Dogs series.

  • Border Hounds show

    Border Hounds

    Images from the Border Hounds episode of Wonder Dogs.

  • Beneath the Waves show

    Beneath the Waves

    Dive beneath the waves and check out some truely amazing images snapped during the filming of Desert Seas.

  • Lost on 9/11 show

    Lost on 9/11

    Follow the stories of those families who lost their loved ones on 9/11.

  • Danger in the Sky show

    Danger in the Sky

    Helicopters fail and skydiving adventures can go terribly wrong.

  • Alaskan Bears show

    Alaskan Bears

    Learn more about the bears who inhabit Alaska's wilderness.