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National Geographic Channel


  • Deadly Dust show

    Deadly Dust

    In the distance you see a breathtaking wall of peach-coloured dust. As it gets closer, you are pricked by billions of tiny dust...

  • Cold Cases show

    Cold Cases

    Cold Cases features the tough life faced by state troopers in a Kenai Peninsula urban area of Alaska.

  • Yellowstone Spring show

    Yellowstone Spring

    Yellowstone Spring

  • Secrets of Stonehenge show

    Secrets of Stonehenge

    Discover the Secrets of Stonehenge in our selection of images taken during the filming of Making History.

  • Rise of the Gangster show

    Rise of the Gangster

    See images taken during the filming of Rise of the Gangster - part of the Making History series on National Geographic Channel.

  • Nocturnal Cats show

    Nocturnal Cats

    See amazing images of deadly lions as they stalk and kill prey at night.

  • Reliving the Blitz show

    Reliving the Blitz

    See Blitz Street images from our specially constructed street and discover the moving personal testimony of survivors.

  • Megashredding show


    Images from the Megashredding: Planes, Trains And Cars series on National Geographic Channel.

  • Bird-Eating Catfish show

    Bird-Eating Catfish

    Pigeons ambushed by a monster, dead sea turtles, and kangaroos crashing into shop windows.

  • Surfing for Crime show

    Surfing for Crime

    Photo gallery from the Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol series on National Geographic Channel.

  • Medical Marvels show

    Medical Marvels

    Medical Marvels photo gallery, part of the Wonder Dogs series.

  • The Hull show

    The Hull

    The team work with rivets and learn to bend steel as they build a piece of the hull.

  • Mega-disaster show


    Where do you think Mother Nature will strike next?

  • Great White Snaps show

    Great White Snaps

    Killer 'Great White' Shots.

  • Lost on 9/11 show

    Lost on 9/11

    Follow the stories of those families who lost their loved ones on 9/11.

  • Who Did It? show

    Who Did It?

    Mob experts and the son of Al Capone's business associate re-examine the evidence of the St Valentine's Day Massacre.

  • The Making Of... show

    The Making Of...

    ...images featuring the historians and specialists involved in filming Hunting Hitler's Henchmen.

  • Furious Life show

    Furious Life

    It's mating season and the animals battle for opportunies to breed.

  • Killer Instincts show

    Killer Instincts

    Stealth, speed, enhanced senses. These are just some of the Killer Instincts built into some of Africa's wildlife.

  • Return to the Jungle show

    Return to the Jungle

    Orphaned clouded leopards enter the jungle and their cat instincts emerge.