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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Amazing Predators show

    Amazing Predators

    Check out this collection of predators and the secret lives they live.

  • Ring-tailed Guys show

    Ring-tailed Guys

    Take a look at these cute lemurs and the fearsome fossas.

  • Majestic Tiger show

    Majestic Tiger

    Check out these amazing portraits of tigers.

  • Ferocious Fish show

    Ferocious Fish

    Meet the biggest, oddest and most ferocious underwater creatures on the planet.

  • Deadly Animals show

    Deadly Animals

    Don’t be mistaken by looks and size as these dangerous animals are amongst the world’s deadliest.

  • Mega Predator show

    Mega Predator

    What did the prime-evil monster called mega piranha look like?

  • Dive To Answer show

    Dive To Answer

    There isn’t much time left to find out what happened. Join the expedition as they dive to answer: what really happened to...

  • Spectacular Wildlife show

    Spectacular Wildlife

    Apes live in trees, snakes fall from the sky and lizards fly on the earth’s third largest island: Borneo.

  • European Wildlife show

    European Wildlife

    Check these gorgeous species living in the European continent.

  • Leopard Stalker show

    Leopard Stalker

    John Varty photographed and photographing the beautiful Leopard, Manana.

  • Texas Monster Web show

    Texas Monster Web

    A park ranger discovers a giant web that looks like it has engulfed the forest. What creature built it?

  • The Faces Behind 9/11 show

    The Faces Behind 9/11

    See the faces of the infamous men behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  • Hellish Roads show

    Hellish Roads

    These are the nightmare roads for truck drivers in Canada.

  • Return of Fishzilla! show

    Return of Fishzilla!

    Follow anglers on the hunt for fierce freshwater flesh-eaters!

  • Ancient Chinese Tombs show

    Ancient Chinese Tombs

    Their over 2,000 years old - in this programme go inside ancient Chinese tombs to meet this nation's most important figureheads.

  • Crocs of Katuma show

    Crocs of Katuma

    See how the Crocs of Katuma survive their remote, beautiful habitat.

  • Bizarre Giant Fish show

    Bizarre Giant Fish

    Zeb Hogan as he travels from the backwoods of the American South to the wild rivers of Asia on a quest for the world's largest...

  • LEGO show


    Pictures snapped at the iconic LEGO megafactory.

  • Ghost Ship Wreckage show

    Ghost Ship Wreckage

    Divers and archaeologists investigate a 300 year old ship wreck.

  • Devastating Day show

    Devastating Day

    Smoke and ash cover New York City on a devastating day that will not soon be forgotten.