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National Geographic Channel


  • Reptile Trackers show

    Reptile Trackers

    Follow an elite squad of snake-trackers determined to protect the planet’s reptiles.

  • Shark Bait show

    Shark Bait

    Researchers fear a newest tourist craze may be upsetting sharks’ natural behaviour.

  • Meet the Experts show

    Meet the Experts

    Top scientists and military strategists predict the impact that contact with an advanced alien race could have.

  • The Family show

    The Family

    He's an American criminal who led what became known as the Manson Family in the late '60s.

  • The Next Day show

    The Next Day

    Photo gallery from Hiroshima: Nuclear Apocalypse.

  • Canine Slayers show

    Canine Slayers

    What caused these timid beasts to savage a human being?

  • The Anchor show

    The Anchor

    Traditional techniques were used to build an anchor and chains.

  • Extreme Medical Practices show

    Extreme Medical Practices

    Snake blood remedy? Hallucinogenic healing? Cow urine cure? These are just some of the cures checked out by British explorer Pi...

  • Are you prepped enough? show

    Are you prepped enough?

    See the meticulous measures of America's most apocalypse-equipped families.

  • Military Leader show

    Military Leader

    He eluded the CIA for a decade, find out how the CIA eventually captured al Queda’s military leader.

  • The Vegas Joust show

    The Vegas Joust

    Knights face off at the biggest jousting tournament of the year.

  • The Undead show

    The Undead

    Investigate the dark superstitions that some people had about dead bodies.

  • Below The Waves show

    Below The Waves

    Go back in time to explore unseen treasures and lost human history hidden beneath North America's huge lake beds since the last...

  • Dr Swango show

    Dr Swango

    Dr. Swango murdered an estimated 60 patients through poisoning.

  • Nature's Detectives show

    Nature's Detectives

    This team of investigators attempt to crack cases caused by wildlife.

  • Odysea Crew show

    Odysea Crew

    The smallest of all five boats, the Odysea is captained by Ralph Wilkins, who happens to be best friends with Bill Monte, Capta...

  • Vast Blue Liquid show

    Vast Blue Liquid

    See the mysteries of the oceans that have fascinated mankind for centuries.

  • Killing Lincoln Production Photos show

    Killing Lincoln Production Photos

    Behind-the-scenes photos from the production set.

  • Amazing Predators show

    Amazing Predators

    Check out this collection of predators and the secret lives they live.

  • Kennedys and Oswalds show

    Kennedys and Oswalds

    Check out these images of the Kennedys and the Oswalds from Killing Kennedy.