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  • Rat poison, Zipper and Tennis balls show

    Rat poison, Zipper and Tennis balls

    Photo gallery of the Rat poison, Zipper and Tennis balls episode from the My Dog Ate What?

  • Behind the Scenes show

    Behind the Scenes

    See how scientists searched the Caribbean for ruins, and meet the characters of Wicked Pirate City.

  • Ancient Robbers show

    Ancient Robbers

    Join the modern-day detectives investigating this dastardly ancient case.

  • Black Prince show

    Black Prince

    Will UK salvage experts swashbuckling search confirm the Black Prince is connected to Benjamin Franklin's priate past?

  • Lion Stalker show

    Lion Stalker

    Killer 'lion stalker' shots.

  • Danger in the Sky show

    Danger in the Sky

    Helicopters fail and skydiving adventures can go terribly wrong.

  • Reborn show


    Arctic winter loosens it's grip and Scandinavia's young must grow up fast.

  • Who started it? show

    Who started it?

    Accident or deliberate, the Great Fire of London of September 1666 was one of the most famous incidents in Stuart England.

  • Big Cats show

    Big Cats

    Examine the mysterious relationship between these extraordinary big cats.

  • Incredible Dr Pol show

    Incredible Dr Pol

    Dr. Pol and his colleagues help farmers and families keep their animals healthy.

  • Deepsea Expedition show

    Deepsea Expedition

    See photos from James Cameron's expedition to the bottom of the ocean.

  • Bounty Hunter Crew show

    Bounty Hunter Crew

    Bill and Donna Monte have been married for over 30 years, and have been chasing bluefin together since 1979.

  • Christina Crew show

    Christina Crew

    Kevin Leonowert, Owner and Captain of the Christina, is somewhat unusual among Gloucester’s professional fishermen in that he...

  • On-Deck Action show

    On-Deck Action

    From cleaning the deck to setting the GPS system, there’s a lot of action on the deck.

  • The Odd Ones show

    The Odd Ones

    Take a look at some of nature’s curious looking creatures.

  • Devoted Apostles show

    Devoted Apostles

    A group of 12 common men sacrificed everything to spread Jesus' message.

  • Frozen Paradises show

    Frozen Paradises

    A daring camera crew capture stunning glacier photos.

  • Weapons to the Ready! show

    Weapons to the Ready!

    From the ordinary to extraordinary, the guys assess and test these bounties of war.

  • Tragedies show


  • Meet the Crew show

    Meet the Crew

    Take a look at the fishing crews working offshore.