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National Geographic Channel


  • Wild Dogs show

    Wild Dogs

    Get the inside look at how wild dogs operate as group hunters in order to survive their extreme environment.

  • Drug Bust show

    Drug Bust

    Drug Bust highlights the problems alcohol and drugs play on a remote town in western Alaska.

  • Expedition Kodiak show

    Expedition Kodiak

    Trek to Alaska's Kodiak Island, where Casey gets knee-deep in grizzly life in order to teach Brutus the ways of his wild relati...

  • Methamphetamine show


    See the dangers of meth and the unexpected physical damages caused by the drug.

  • Ice Age show

    Ice Age

    Find out how Britain's numerous deep freezes helped to forge a land that was once uninhabitable and locked under ice sheets ove...

  • Life Revealed? show

    Life Revealed?

    Find out how Jesus spent his time between the ages of 12 and 30 as we attempt to reveal Jesus' missing years.

  • Inside Houston Zoo show

    Inside Houston Zoo

    Go behind the scenes at Houston Zoo and see how the zookeepers are continually trying to improve the lives of the animals in it...

  • Batteries, Rock and Cereal boxes show

    Batteries, Rock and Cereal boxes

    Photo gallery of the Batteries, Rock and Cereal boxes episode from the My Dog Ate What?

  • My Life is a Zoo show

    My Life is a Zoo

    Photo gallery for Backyard Zoo on Nat Geo Wild.

  • Exploding Toads show

    Exploding Toads

    A robbed coral, thirteen penguins found dead, and toads are swelling up.

  • Greatest Empire? show

    Greatest Empire?

    Discover how Rome grew from a village to the great empire it is known as today.

  • Planned Attack show

    Planned Attack

    Find out how the 2006 liquid bomb attack was thwarted.

  • Digging Clues show

    Digging Clues

    Archaeologists search for clues about how the knights were killed.

  • The Hull show

    The Hull

    The team work with rivets and learn to bend steel as they build a piece of the hull.

  • Black Prince show

    Black Prince

    Will UK salvage experts swashbuckling search confirm the Black Prince is connected to Benjamin Franklin's priate past?

  • Wolf to Dog show

    Wolf to Dog

    This is the story of how wolves and humans forged a bond that changed them, us, and the world forever.

  • Water Beauties show

    Water Beauties

    See spectacular images of the underwater creatures that feature in Desert Seas.

  • Devastating Day show

    Devastating Day

    Smoke and ash cover New York City on a devastating day that will not soon be forgotten.

  • Military Leader show

    Military Leader

    He eluded the CIA for a decade, find out how the CIA eventually captured al Queda’s military leader.

  • Cougar show


    See photos of this majestic big cat.