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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Lion Stalker show

    Lion Stalker

    Killer 'lion stalker' shots.

  • Polar Bear show

    Polar Bear

    Tracking the ghost bear photos with the Killer Shot photographers.

  • Living The Fantasy show

    Living The Fantasy

    Meet the people how mix fantasy and reality into their day-to-day lives.

  • Blood Sucking Bats show

    Blood Sucking Bats

    This bat is said to leave it's victims lying in a pool of blood.

  • Fact or Fiction? show

    Fact or Fiction?

    Meet the people determined to solve mankind's biggest mysteries.

  • Extreme Medical Practices show

    Extreme Medical Practices

    Snake blood remedy? Hallucinogenic healing? Cow urine cure? These are just some of the cures checked out by British explorer Pi...

  • Beasts Break Free show

    Beasts Break Free

    See what happens when locked up beasts break free!

  • Man Made Sub show

    Man Made Sub

    The team attempt to create a robotic submarine - find out if this experiement sinks or swims.

  • Chaos and Deathtrap show

    Chaos and Deathtrap

    Stubborn boulders and injuries put pressure on the team, and one of the burly team tackles a crumbling cliff face with a chainsaw!

  • Costa Concordia Tragedy show

    Costa Concordia Tragedy

    Survivors’ share their images taken during and after the evacuation of the Costa Concordia.

  • Worship, Hunger and Obsession show

    Worship, Hunger and Obsession

    Henry Rollins explores animal worshippers, animal organ traders and collectors who have fangs just like the animals they keep!

  • Problem Pooches show

    Problem Pooches

    See photos of Cesar Millan rehabilitating the dogs from Leader of the Pack.

  • Killer Marksman Caught show

    Killer Marksman Caught

    With the help of ballistics experts, Washington DC authorities were able to stop the killing spree.

  • Out to Sea show

    Out to Sea

    Fishermen in their boats cruise out into the open waters.

  • Neo Survivalists show

    Neo Survivalists

    This group of people is preparing itself to be self-sufficient from outside sources.

  • Family at War show

    Family at War

    Welcome to IMA, a clearing house for equipment from the front lines.

  • Grim Reaper show

    Grim Reaper

    Alex heads into the Arizona desert in search of inspiration and new sales lead.

  • Global Journey show

    Global Journey

    Scientists travel around the world to discover how the Earth works.

  • Hoarding Exotic Animals show

    Hoarding Exotic Animals

    The Extreme Pet Rescue team tries to convince owners to give up their exotic pets to a sanctuary.

  • The Survivors’ Stories show

    The Survivors’ Stories

    People re-live the day they survived a deadly animal attack.