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  • Beyond your comfort zone? show

    Beyond your comfort zone?

    Explore rites of passage, unique lifestyle choices, body modification, gender decisions, nudity and spiritual quests that test ...

  • Bridges show


  • Behind Bars show

    Behind Bars

    From counterfeit money to heroin stings these people landed behind bars abroad.

  • All new Dangerous Encounters show

    All new Dangerous Encounters

    Images from the new series of Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr.

  • Zoo animals show

    Zoo animals

    A selection of animals in captivity

  • The Day the Earth Stops Spinning show

    The Day the Earth Stops Spinning

    Welcome to a brand new world. A world where the Earth doesn’t spin. And every night is six months long.

  • Mysterious Hippo Deaths show

    Mysterious Hippo Deaths

    Discover what caused hunger-stricken hippos to die in large numbers.

  • Ketamine show


    Ketamine is cheap, easy to get hold of and incredibly powerful.

  • History's Oldest Stories show

    History's Oldest Stories

    Join this modern day Indiana Jones-style quests to unveil the real stories behind some of history’s earliest stories.

  • Montauk Monster show

    Montauk Monster

    A strange alien-like creature, a lion having a fatal seizure, and a mysterious crime.

  • Perception vs. Brain Power show

    Perception vs. Brain Power

    Mind bending tests that are having these people scratching their heads.

  • Drug Smuggling Subs show

    Drug Smuggling Subs

    Follow cameras as brave law enforcement officers wage a war against narcotic traffickers.

  • Ultimate Survivor show

    Ultimate Survivor

    See the animals have evolved to thrive in their harsh environment.

  • HMS Turbulent show

    HMS Turbulent

    Follow life on board HMS Turbulent as she embarks on a 10-month mission on the open seas.

  • Man-eaters show


    Villages and even cities are threatened by man-eating animals nearby.

  • Holocaust Artifact Mystery show

    Holocaust Artifact Mystery

    Historians didn’t believe it was real, until a mysterious lamp was uncovered. Could it be made of human skin?

  • Gadgets show


    From the Sony Walkman to the personal computer to home gaming, see how 80s technology defined the technology of today.

  • Multiple Wives show

    Multiple Wives

    The husbands, wives and children that make up these Mormon Polygamy families.

  • Snow Monkeys show

    Snow Monkeys

    Take a look into this extraordinary species in the heart of the Japanese Alps.

  • Mercedes show


    Discover the technical tweaks made to the 2010 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG with a visit to this classic car's megafactory.