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  • Canine Cop Team show

    Canine Cop Team

    This unusual trio keep the streets of Broward County safe for its residents.

  • Stories of Courage show

    Stories of Courage

    Firemen and their families speak about the day and its aftermath.

  • Behind The Front Lines show

    Behind The Front Lines

    Go behind the front lines of the bloodiest WWII conflicts.

  • Cheetah Photos show

    Cheetah Photos

    See the fastest land animal on the planet close-up.

  • Ancient Creatures show

    Ancient Creatures

    David Attenborough and his team exploring China’s remarkable evolutionary past.

  • Learn Survival Instincts show

    Learn Survival Instincts

    Discover the best course of action to take and ensure your chance of survival when confronted by life or death situatoins.

  • Berlin Wall show

    Berlin Wall

    David Hasselhoff visits the remnants of the Berlin Wall to investigate its horrific history during the Cold War.

  • Identical Twins show

    Identical Twins

    Follow the embryonic and fetal journey of one of nature's most fascinating reproductive accidents.

  • Journey to the Edge of the Universe show

    Journey to the Edge of the Universe

  • War Heroes show

    War Heroes

    Dan Cruickshank travels by rail to the frontlines of the First and Second World Wars.

  • Top secret weapon show

    Top secret weapon

    Top secret weapon

  • Hidden Volcanoes show

    Hidden Volcanoes

    Tony Robinson hunts for clues to reveal Britain's explosive prehistoric past beneath some of today's most iconic landscapes.

  • Glue, Glass and Rocks show

    Glue, Glass and Rocks

    Photo gallery of Glue, Glass and Rocks from the My Dog Ate What?

  • The Hunt show

    The Hunt

    Explorer Gerry Moffat has heard tales of the abominable snowman- now it's time to find out the truth.

  • Merry Making Murderer show

    Merry Making Murderer

    John Wayne Gacy was convicted of the torture, rape and murder of 33 males between 1972 until his arrest in 1978.

  • Tower One show

    Tower One

    New Yorkers rebuild the fallen tower and make it as strong as a fortress.

  • Cash For Scrap show

    Cash For Scrap

    From 'bargain bangers' to 'blinged up motors', two teams compete to see who can make the most money by buying, breaking and sel...

  • Gadgets show


    From the Sony Walkman to the personal computer to home gaming, see how 80s technology defined the technology of today.

  • Super Cat’s Up Close show

    Super Cat’s Up Close

    Tiger, lions and cheetahs are just some of the wild cats these people are working with.

  • Wild Animals show

    Wild Animals

    Check out these amazing images of the various wild animals that survive in the Congo.