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National Geographic Channel


  • The Day the Earth Stops Spinning show

    The Day the Earth Stops Spinning

    Welcome to a brand new world. A world where the Earth doesn’t spin. And every night is six months long.

  • Falkland Islands show

    Falkland Islands

    The Falkland Islands are off the coast of South America in the South Atlantic Ocean.

  • Life Revealed? show

    Life Revealed?

    Find out how Jesus spent his time between the ages of 12 and 30 as we attempt to reveal Jesus' missing years.

  • Fish Gone Bad show

    Fish Gone Bad

    Images from When Fish Attack on Nat Geo Wild.

  • Preserving the dead show

    Preserving the dead

    Images of mummies and locals taken while filming on the mysterious island of Papua New Guinea.

  • America Bomber show

    America Bomber

    Could the 'America Bomber' really have changed the outcome of World War II?

  • Munich Tragedy show

    Munich Tragedy

    Harry Gregg relives the fatal 1958 Munich air disaster.

  • Blood Sucking Bats show

    Blood Sucking Bats

    This bat is said to leave it's victims lying in a pool of blood.

  • Pint Sized Evangelists show

    Pint Sized Evangelists

    Investigate the new phenomenon of early-years evangelists.

  • Drug Smuggling Subs show

    Drug Smuggling Subs

    Follow cameras as brave law enforcement officers wage a war against narcotic traffickers.

  • Shamans and Witch Doctors show

    Shamans and Witch Doctors

    Some tribal doctors prescribe hallucinogens and odd potions.

  • HMS Turbulent show

    HMS Turbulent

    Follow life on board HMS Turbulent as she embarks on a 10-month mission on the open seas.

  • Exotic India show

    Exotic India

    Celebrate the diversity and drama of India’s extraordinary and varied landscapes.

  • Extraordinary Mannerisms show

    Extraordinary Mannerisms

    Meet some brave people who explain how their disorders and disabilities affect their every day life.

  • Canine Cop Team show

    Canine Cop Team

    This unusual trio keep the streets of Broward County safe for its residents.

  • Illegal Racing show

    Illegal Racing

    Witness the high risks taken on the mean streets of Compton as these drivers travel add deadly speeds on illegal racetracks.

  • Going To Pot show

    Going To Pot

    Thousands of patients seek herbal treatment at Fort Collins’ plentiful dispensaries, but some residents fear that the town is...

  • Surviving Cataclysmic Events show

    Surviving Cataclysmic Events

    Re-enacted scenes of people surviving and suffering during events that could end the world we live in.

  • Gadgets show


    From the Sony Walkman to the personal computer to home gaming, see how 80s technology defined the technology of today.

  • Going Ape show

    Going Ape

    Captured moments of man making the transformation into ape.