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National Geographic Channel


  • Weirdest Animals show

    Weirdest Animals

    Check out these truly weird animals that are sure to surprise you.

  • Close Ups show

    Close Ups

    Get a unique perspective with these up-close photographs of some of the world’s most dangerous creatures.

  • Himalayan Life show

    Himalayan Life

    Get a glimpse of life in the Himalayas where temples, airports and homes are built within the mountains.

  • Ultimate Survivor show

    Ultimate Survivor

    See the animals have evolved to thrive in their harsh environment.

  • Lost Fleet show

    Lost Fleet

    A search for the wreck of Christopher Columbus's lost fleet in the waters of La Isabela Bay in the Dominican Republic

  • Costa Concordia Tragedy show

    Costa Concordia Tragedy

    Survivors’ share their images taken during and after the evacuation of the Costa Concordia.

  • Match Made In Heaven show

    Match Made In Heaven

    Some marriages stray so far from the ideal and they might be considered “odd”.

  • Canine Cop Team show

    Canine Cop Team

    This unusual trio keep the streets of Broward County safe for its residents.

  • Going To Pot show

    Going To Pot

    Thousands of patients seek herbal treatment at Fort Collins’ plentiful dispensaries, but some residents fear that the town is...

  • John the Baptist show

    John the Baptist

    A team of carbon dating experts and geneticists attempt to ascertain the origins of bones that could belong to the revolutionar...

  • Surviving Cataclysmic Events show

    Surviving Cataclysmic Events

    Re-enacted scenes of people surviving and suffering during events that could end the world we live in.

  • Hellish Roads show

    Hellish Roads

    These are the nightmare roads for truck drivers in Canada.

  • Gadgets show


    From the Sony Walkman to the personal computer to home gaming, see how 80s technology defined the technology of today.

  • Zeb Hogan and Crew show

    Zeb Hogan and Crew

    Zeb Hogan and the various people he has worked, travelled and bonded with during his adventures.

  • Multiple Wives show

    Multiple Wives

    The husbands, wives and children that make up these Mormon Polygamy families.

  • Surprising People show

    Surprising People

    Check out these amazing people and scenes from their daily lives.

  • Exotic Ocean Creatures show

    Exotic Ocean Creatures

    At look at the bizarre and peculiar life that inhabits these extreme ocean depths.

  • Fire Truck show

    Fire Truck

  • Lotus Evora show

    Lotus Evora

    Lotus' CEO Dany Bahar unveils plans for their latest super car.

  • The Whale That Ate Jaws show

    The Whale That Ate Jaws

    The Whale That Ate Jaws.