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How many balloons could lift up a house? How high could a rocket reach that's made only from material bought at a hardware store? Using a combo of hard science and innovative visuals the UK premiere of How Hard Can It Be? designs and performs these and other fun, jaw-dropping experiments.

After ten years of building wacky inventions, engineer Vin Marshall teams up with two of his oldest friends; mechanical engineer Paul Carson and inventor Eric Gocke, to build some of the zaniest engineering feats ever attempted.

Tackling everything from robo subs to homemade rockets, the daring trio stop at nothing to break records, push boundaries and capture imaginations with their mind-bending inventions.

Look out for attempts at record-breaking feats that have never been attempted before.  For instance, the boffins take on the impossible task of making an entire house fly with a giant cluster of helium balloons just like in the Pixar film 'Up'.  Will the team successfully recreate one of the most magical moments in film history, or will they be left deflated?


  • How Hard Can It Be?: Flying House
    How hard can it be to fly a house with balloons? Watch Vin, Paul and Eric attempt to recreate the flying house in the Disney/Pixar film 'Up'.
  • How Hard Can It Be?: DIY Robo-Sub
    Using everyday hardware and their own ingenuity, Vin, Paul and Eric guide a remotely operated vehicle 12,000 feet down onto the ocean floor.
  • How Hard Can It Be?: Homemade Rocket
    Vin, Paul and Eric attempt to send a rocket into space using materials and know-how that anyone could acquire.



  • Lift off! photo

    Lift off!

    It's not a bird, it's not a plane. It's a house, and it's flying across the sky.

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